It was back in mid-December when we had a first look at Live Spectacle Naruto's main cast in full costume. The still photos of characters Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke (Team Kakashi) and Gaara of the Sand were amazing.

Recently, stills of the final six characters in the musical stage play were released (there are 18 characters total). Behold! Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji (Team Asuma), and Hinata, Shino, and Kiba (Team Kurenai). Hey, where's Kiba's ninja pup, Akamaru? Well, I guess there might not be any Man-Beast cloning or Fang Over Fang happening on stage, y'all. ;)  

The coolest pics ever. Check them out.

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The stage play adaptation will cover the first arc of the Naruto manga/anime story, which recently ended its 15-year run in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It begins its tour next month at the specially designed AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo. After five stops across Japan, it will then travel to Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore, coming to an end in June.

As far as I'm concerned, the actors and the costuming are about as perfect as they can be. I've watched this anime and cared for Naruto Uzumaki and the people in his life for so long that the chance of seeing them in the flesh like this blows my mind.

I am missing Rock Lee, though, and Neji (perhaps they're not in this particular story arc).

Will your favorite Naruto characters be on the stage? Share who they are with us!

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