Many readers loved the 6 hot actors over 40 who are splendid like well-aged fine wine and wanted more. Here, I'd like to toast to 6 more of these 40-something men who are also splendid and hot. They look awesome, even more so with a few wrinkles, and they continue to challenge themselves and keep us entertained with amazing roles.

1. Joo Jin Mo (age 40) - He is definitely an exceptional fine wine that is worth a taste. I first noticed him in the cute movie 200 Pounds Beauty. In My Love Eun Dong, he touches our hearts playing a lonely man whose first love stayed in his heart and urges him to find her again.

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2. Song Il Kuk (age 43) - Who could have guessed that this handsome actor from Jumong and Kimchi Family is experiencing a second renaissance of his career with his triplet sons, who are named: Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. (Together the names mean "Long Live the Republic of Korea.") Their appearance in the reality show The Return of Superman is so popular that they are invited to make many commercials. Song's wife is a Busan high-court judge.

3. Lee Sung Jae (age 44) - He is an actor of many faces. His comical romance with the lady diver (played by actress Kim Hee Jung) was so hilarious that it threatened to overshadow the romance of the main leads in Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy). Confession: I hated him as Seo In Guk's cruel and selfish King father in The King's Face, but now I love him. He should do more modern roles. In real life, Lee Sung Jae is married and has 2 daughters.

4. Kim Myung Min (age 42) - His Joseon-era detective movie Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow was so popular that a sequel was made. Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island is a real treat for weekend viewing or any time when you want popcorn. We now look forward to more sequels. You may also want to look beyond his Detective K costume to find the handsome man in a modern drama such as A New Leaf or Beethoven Virus.

5. Park Sung Woong (age 42) - Many fans started watching Hidden Identity because of Kim Bum of Boys Over Flowers, but we have noticed the calm and collected team leader played by Park Sung Woo. He has a commanding presence on the screen whenever he shows up. In real life, he is married to actress Shin Eun Jung.

6. Kim Seung Woo (age 46) - We know the awesome veteran actor from such famous dramas as How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and IRIS. His newest role is a mysterious chef whose diner is only open from midnight to early morning. Find him, Nam Tae Hyun of boy band WINNER, and many other stars in fun cameo roles at the Late Night Restaurant. In real life, he is married to actress Kim Nam Joo.

(Here's Kim Seung Woo with his wife Kim Nam Joo:)

I wish I could walk the back alleyways in Seoul to find the late night diner where Kim Seung Woo would cook a dish just for me, have a drink with Lee Sung Jae about his black pearl, chat with Park Sung Woong about his undercover mission, and fall in love with Joo Jin Moo.

How do you like these hot over-40 guys? Is your favorite 40-something actor mentioned? Watch Kim Seung Woo in Late Night Restaurant:

~ NancyZdramaland

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