What? You didn’t think we were done recommending school dramas for you to watch, did you? Of course not! School dramas are one of the staples of the K-drama — er — pantry? That metaphor got away from me. Sure, we know you can watch Lee Min Ho strut around in whatever insane costuming choice wardrobe makes (Over and over again. I see you LMH fangirls), but let’s not forget these OTHER school dramas. In no particular ranking:

6. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Part of tvN’s particular push for “flower boy” programming, Shut Up follows a group of friends who form the band Eye Candy. From their not-so-great shuttered school to a new school and rivalry with its premiere band, Shut Up stars Sung Joon and Jo Bo Ah. The OST is not to be missed.

5. Monstar

Speaking of OSTs not to be missed, Monstar follows the creation of Colorbar, a collection of misfit students who are forced to work together following a hilarious and disgusting discovery after a school field trip. Each member of Colorbar deals with a significant emotional wound, and the show cleverly keeps the focus on the real issues and not the contrived battle of the bands.

4. Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Speaking of battle of the bands, Tomorrow’s Cantabile is not simply battle of the bands but a clash of the orchestras. Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung anchor this music lover’s delight as it explores the themes of how skill, passion, precision, and genius influence both performer and audience.

3. After School Lucky or Not

Speaking of genius...No. Sorry. Funny and outrageous as the ASLoN seasons are, they are not genius. What they are are short, so you can easily fit an episode or two in when you should be studying and not lose too much time.

2 It Started With A Kiss

I have a friend who just LOVES the Taiwanese version of Playful Kiss, so I will recommend that one to you. The high school and college years are two separate seasons, so we see more of the slow-building romance.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It is too a school drama! OK, I am sneaking this one in because Yoo Chun is about to head off to his military service and Song Joong Ki came back from his and so I wanted to shoehorn in pictures of them. However! It is a superb drama in a schoolish setting, so I feel justified.

What drama did I miss, Drama Fans? Should Sungkyungkwan Scandal count or did I cheat? Is It Started With a Kiss superior to Playful Kiss? Let me know in the comments.

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