Summer is just about to get started, but we at DramaFever are already kicking things into high gear! We are adding a fabulous line-up of 6 movies to our already brimming drama-list this week! With stars like Kim Ji SooLee Je HoonGo Ah Ra and Shim Eun Kyung to keep you entertained, what more could could you ask for?! And the best part is, whether you're in the mood for romance, comedy, action or horror, we have something for EVERYONE! Let the epic movie marathon commence! 

1. One Way Trip

Starring Kim Ji SooKim Jun MyeonRyu Joon Yul and Kim Hee Chan

Yong Bi (Ji Soo from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), Sang Woo (EXO’s Suho), Ji Gong (Ryu Joon Yul from Answer Me 1988) and Doo Man (Kim Hee Chan from Radiant Office) are the closest friends you will ever meet. Between university entrance exams and athletic scholarships, they are all busy enjoying their youth. When Sang Woo is about to enlist in the military, his buddies decide to send him off in style by taking a vacation to Pohang together. There, while drinking on the beach one night, they see a man savagely beating his wife. Acting as good citizens, they run in to help her. But these friends don’t realize just how high a cost they will have to pay for doing the right thing. Written and directed by Choi Jung Yul, One Way Trip is a crime thriller and coming-of-age drama. It debuted at the 20th Busan International Film Festival on October 3, 2015, prior to a worldwide release on March 24, 2016.


One Way Trip

Starring Kim Ji Soo and Kim Dong Wan

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2. Phantom Detective

Starring Lee Je Hoon and Go Ah Ra

Hong Gil Dong (Lee Je Hoon from Tomorrow With You and Signal) is a vigilante detective. Along with President Hwang (Go Ah Ra from Hwarang), he runs an illegal detective agency that can track down anyone within the hour. Hwang runs the agency to fulfill her father’s wishes and stop evil, but Hong Gil Dong’s only goal is to find the one person even he can’t track down: the man who killed his mother. After searching for nearly 20 years, the detective manages to track down the murderer. But before Hong Gil Dong can reach him, the killer is taken away by a mysterious organization. With only the man’s granddaughters in his possession, the detective has to find the killer so he can have his revenge. But what Hong Gil Dong doesn’t realize is that the shadowy hand that took his enemy has something in store for the detective too. Written and directed by Jo Sung Hee (A Werewolf Boy), Phantom Detective is an action thriller that was released on May 4, 2016.


Phantom Detective

Starring Lee Je Hoon and Kim Sung Kyun

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3. Sunny

Starring Yoo Ho JungShim Eun Kyung and Jin Hee Kyung

Lim Na Mi (Shim Eun Kyung from Tomorrow’s Cantabile), Ha Chun Hwa (Kang So Ra from Incomplete Life: Misaeng), Kim Jang Mi (Kim Min Young from Goblin), Hwang Jin Hee (Park Jin Joo from One Percent of Something) and Seo Geum Ok (Nam Bo Ra) are best friends in high school. Together, they form the “Sunny” group and compete with the local bully gang, aptly called “Girls Generation.” In spite of wildly different personalities, they all gel. Then, disaster strikes at the big school festival and they all go their separate ways. Fast-forward 25 years: Lim Na Mi (Yoo Ho Jung from Heard It Through the Grapevine) is a seemingly happy wife, but her life is far from perfect. While at the hospital one day, she runs into Ha Chun Hwa (Jin Hee Kyung from Fight My Way). Delighted to meet her old friend, Lim Na Mi asks her if she can do anything to help. Ha Chun Hwa asks if they can get “Sunny” back together one last time. Together, they set out to get the crew reunited. As the two women soon learn, though, some reunions bring up more than just laughter and sunshine. Directed by Kang Hyung Chul (Tazza: The Hidden Card) and co-written by Kang and Lee Byung Hun (Twenty), Sunny is a friendship drama. A hit upon its original release on May 4, 2011, the film earned many accolades for its unique structure of shifting between the present and past.

4-6. 4 Horror TalesFebruary 29, Roommates, and Dark Forest

Starring Kim Yoo Jung, Park Eun Hye, Im Ho and Kim Ri Na

Various stories centered around murder, visions, and even haunted cars — CJ Entertainment’s series Four Horror Tales hosts four different movies that are sure to keep you on your toes. Independently debuted, the films February 29, Hidden Floor, Roommates, and Dark Forest were all released in the summer of 2006 featuring popular stars Kim Yoo Jun,Park Eun Hye, Im Ho, and Kim Ri Na. The first of the releases, February 29, tells a cryptic story about a tollbooth girl, Han Ji Yeon (Park Eun Hye) forced to work on the dreaded night shift. To make matters worse, a mysterious car pulls up with a blood-stained ticket. More curious than anything, Han Ji Yeon soon finds out about the curse of February 29, where each leap year a murder occurs in her area. The night shift just got so much worse. Hidden Floor tells the story of single mother, Chae Min Young (Kim Seo Hyung) and her six year old daughter Joo Hee (Kim Yoo Jung). Fresh off her divorce, Min Young struggles to make ends meet for her and her daughter, and finally manages to land a studio apartment. Min Young thinks she’s finally caught a break until strange noises and even stranger behavior from her neighbors put Min Young on high alert. The third installment to the Horror Tales series is Roommates. Having flunked college entrance exams, four girls are stuck rooming together in a boarding school, forced to study until they pass their exams. The real horror story begins when the girls all start seeing visions of the past, including a concealed incident that took place in the school. Suddenly, grades aren’t their priority. Starring Kim Ri Na, Lee Eun Sung, and Yoo Ho Rin. Last to be released in the series is Dark Forest, where a group of friends decide to enter a restricted area of the woods on their weekend trip into the mountains. Not too far into their adventure, they lose cell phone reception, and strange things begin happening one by one. The group decides they may be in over their heads, but it's too late to turn back now. Can they make their way out of the darkness? Starring Lee Jong Hyuk and So Yi Hyun.


Four Horror Tales

Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Eun Hye

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