Those of us who have watched numerous Asian dramas know that we usually have to wait at least 6, or even 10, episodes before we see the male and female leads confess their love. Maybe then we’ll even finally get to see a kiss! However, the new DramaFever series, Deja Vu, is doing everything unconventionally. Let’s count the ways our hearts are melted by Deja Vu’s first episode.

In Deja Vu, we immediately see our brave heroine, Hai Lin, save a stranger from a raging fire, which surprisingly leads to these two characters dating and falling in love within the first episode. There are then many, many romantic moments that leave us enchanted by the lovely couple only to prepare us for dramatic turmoil by the end of the episode.


1. When they went on their first date, Xi Wei took Hai Lin’s hand instead of following the crowd into the elevator.

It was quite brazen, but Hai Lin let him keep holding her hand (well, who wouldn't?).

2. When he told her he loved her, it was accompanied by a giant lit-up sign that said “I love you, Hai Lin."

How did he plan this perfect moment?

3. When he stopped the jealous sister from chatting away because he wanted to concentrate on watching Hai Lin’s dance.

He had flown back from a business trip to surprise Hai Lin and he simply wanted to watch her by himself. I just love the way he quietly but firmly shushed the sister.

4. When his face broke out into sheer joy upon hearing she was pregnant.

Hai Lin fainted after a performance and that was how Xi Wei found out she was pregnant with his baby. This gave him a great opportunity to get her to marry him. He was overjoyed!

5. When he told her he wanted her to be his “only one” forever, and then gave her a ring designed by him to be the “only one” in this world.


6. When he gave her back the lucky bracelet because he would rather she went on to live a good life.

This is a pivotal moment as they had previously discussed what they would each do if something terrible happened. She would rather they had never met. He, on the other hand, said he would rather die and let her live on. This is definitely a man true to his love, and his action proved his word.

I think I’m in love with Lu Xi Wei!

What has been your favorite moment so far? If you haven't watched Deja Vu yet, get on the boat!