It's pretty obvious that the majority, or at least the most vocal group, of K-drama obsessors are female. But why aren't more guys latching onto the fun? Here are a few reasons why all of the tough guys out there should take the plunge into the salty, salty ocean of drama tears, and be proud of it!

1. Style inspiration

K-drama chaebol boys always look high fashion as hell, so if you ever feel the need to step up your style game, just load up an episode of Heirs, for example, and check out Young Do's (Kim Woo Bin) threads. WARNING: Stay away from Tan's (Lee Min Ho) wardrobe. It has some questionable tendencies.

2. Overall man-spiration

There's a reason why ladies are always swooning over K-drama male leads. These dudes are suave. Just be sure to take inspiration from the nicer guy in the series, because in real life they're much more likely to come out on top than the guys calling girls they like ugly.

3. Date ideas

What did I say? Oh yeah, these dudes are suave. Take out a notepad and jot down some ideas for your next date. Extra points if you recreate a date from a drama your partner loves.

4. There are plenty of sub-genres

Just because it's a "drama" doesn't mean that it's all sappy romance. There are plenty of series with a heavy focus on action, horror, and even comedy. Historical dramas are quite popular too if you're looking to learn more about the Joseon Dynasty!

5. The ladies!

Duh. They're cute, they're sassy, they're talented, they're beautiful to no end. It doesn't hurt that some of them are idols-turned-actresses either.

6. Why not?

Who said K-dramas were only for girls? They have male writers, directors, actors, etc., and they deal with all sorts of plots and issues within them. If you love it (and you should), WATCH IT! Plus, the bigger the male audience, the more male-driven dramas we'll see!

Any other tips you've successfully used to convince guys to watch your favorite K-drama? Or are you already a loyal male fan? Show yourselves!