DramaFever is gearing up for the Movie Night Premiere of Twenty, and what better way to do that than a dance party? The film stars Junho of 2PM alongside Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul, so we couldn't look past the K-pop group's most recent comeback, "My House," which came out this past weekend. The men of 2PM did not disappoint, so here are 6 reasons you need to see their latest comeback music video.

1. The MV theme is fairy tales.

There's so much than can be done with fairy tales, but they didn't stick to one. Clearly the girl is Cinderella, as she panics while the clock is nearing midnight, but there is so much more!

2. There are 5 Prince Charmings.

Okay, they are not ALL Prince Charming. You can tell they are from different fairy tales, but I still see nothing wrong with this. Jun.K, Nickhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung make extremely believable princes, kings, whatever-title-they-want, but before you question my ability to count...

3. They made Taecyeon into the Big Bad Wolf.

Perfection. Not only does it fit the theme, but Taecyeon has never really struck me as the Prince Charming type in comparison with the other group members, so it's wildly appropriate.

4. The song is a very unsubtle and unapologetic invitation.

Literal translation: "It's all right, let's just go to my house. It's all right, let's just make it a secret." If you're going to be stuck in a fairy tale, what is the use of being coy? Apparently nothing. These princes are as dangerous as the wolf, but at least they are upfront about it.

5. The bunny.

What does a bunny have to do with it? I like to think it's the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland, but someone decided it would be hilarious to make the bunny look like he's singing as part of the song around the 1:15 mark and, honestly, it is. 

6. Cinderella is just as sassy, if not more so, than the Princes.

In MV world, and in dramaland, girls generally tend to just go along with everything per the storyline. 2PM get to be strong princes, and Cinderella gets to be just as sassy. She throws her slipper on the steps as she leaves the castle, and it's clearly an unspoken challenge for them to come find her because she laughs about it. Go girl!

There are definitely more reasons to love this song. Watch the music video below and tell me why you love the song in the comments!

Don't forget to join us this weekend for the DramaFever Movie Night Premiere of Twenty starring Kim Woo BinKang Ha Neul, and 2PM's own Junho! You can see his individual character trailer below

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Twenty is intended for mature audiences, and it contains raunchy humor, adult situations, and profanity.

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