Sick and tired of having parents who don't seem to understand what all the fuss is about? Don't you want to connect with your parents better by having them finally comprehend why Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are a big deal? Want to finally have some quality family-time on the couch while watching some of your favourite dramas together? Well, here are 6 reasons why you should start campaigning to them to start watching Kdramas too!

1. They will finally understand your 'sleepless' nights

Have you ever had your mum or dad look at you weirdly one morning and ask "...Did you even sleep last night? How come you're so tired?" You say that is wasn't anything though the truth was, you stayed up all night bulldozing through a new drama that just finished broadcasting. *Sigh* If only they knew...

Well, once you get them on the bandwagon, they will probably begin to understand what a 'marathon' truly is ;)

(from The Master's Sun)

2. They will finally comprehend your fangirl/fanguy moments

Ever exclaimed out loud when you saw your ultimate bias on your screen just strutting their stuff? Perhaps you got a few weird looks directly at you from mum and dad when they heard, and you hide away in embarrassment? Well, once you convince them to start watching them dramas, embarrassment will be no more; chances are that they will start fan-squealing with you (particularly those mums out there *wink wink*) And, if they ever got the chance to meet them, trust me when I say that they will possibly react the same way this fan below did:

3. You will finally (luckily) gain another drama fan to share your thoughts with

Think of it as another parent-child bonding experience (cheesy I know but hey, why not?!) Imagine, you won't even have to look further outside your front door to find another person who most likely understands the messy emotions and feeling inside of you at that very moment. Other than that, maybe they will watch the drama with you too~

Besides, I think that chatting about hot Korean guys and gals with your parent(s) seems cool...Is it just me or do I sound really wrong when saying that?? O.O''

(Picture as credited)

4. It would be so satisfying once you see their reaction for a drama's ending

Sometimes, dramas leave you with an ending that makes you want to murder the writers, producers, the cast - anyone that you can get your hands on. However, of course this couldn't happen. That is why you need to get that K-drama addicted parent to watch it too, and see their reaction. Trust me, it is priceless (sorry mum!) and will probably ease that built-up frustration of yours, even if it's just a little.

(from The Master's Sun)

5. More money in your pocket to purchase the stuff you "need" i.e. more dramas, duh!

As we all know, not everything comes to us free, especially when we're talking about dramas. Whether it is renewing your subscription on Dramafever, or trying to track down that favourite song of yours from that one drama you know, money is what you need. And at times, your kind and loving parents can probably get some of that for you. And the best thing? They'll probably want it too ^^~ Come on mum and dad, I know you want it too~~ Besides, I'll just say the magic words:

(from The Heirs)

6. First stop, K-dramas. Next stop, K-pop and other dramas from elsewhere!

Once you get your parents liking (or even loving) K-dramas, they will eventually start to become addicted to other things such as K-pop, J-dramas, C-dramas - you name it!

You will eventually realise that you hold a skill that allows you to convince others to do anything. First obstacle: your parents. Next hurdle, your friends? The people at work? The options there are endless. And no, we aren't trying to brainwash anyone; we just want to 'educate' them, that's all *shifty eyes*

(Picture as credited)

*Clears throat* SOOOOO, what other reasons would you want to convince your parents to start watching K-dramas? Perhaps your parents are already fellow drama addicts! If so, leave a comment down below - we'd all love to read and share about it!

Yami Hyunnie is a young blogger who is overly obsessed with Asian Pop Culture, and likes to share this with other fellow netizens on her blogsite Asia Reviewer Maniac. Likewise, she loves to share her undying passion for dramas and anime on DramaFever.