Directors Jo Ui Seok and Kim Byung Seo have created a tension-filled, fast-paced thriller about an elite surveillance team hunting down a precisely orchestrated robbery organization that is the sleekest of sleek. It was one of this year's top box-office hits in Korea and here's why:

1. Jung Woo Sung plays a bad guy for the first time.

Jung, who remains at the top of Korea's A-list after 19 years in the industry, had never strayed too far from sweet, kind, heroic roles. (Exhibit A: He was literally 'The Good' in The Good, The Bad, The Weird.) His turn as James, a cold-blooded ring leader who never hesitates to kill if needed, is a must-watch.

2. Not to mention, his hotness.

That's very nice.

3. Han Hyo Joo and Seol Kyung Goo make a whip-smart and awesome team.

The two display a surprising onscreen chemistry as teammates and as student and mentor. Han is convincing as a rookie with as much brains as heart, and Seol is lovable as a grumpy veteran crime fighter.

4. Badass fighting scenes: check.

Seen above: Jung beating up a guy, the first of dozens.

It wouldn't be a Korean film without a little blood, some cleverly hidden knives, and a lot of hand-to-hand combat. Also, keep an eye out for the amazing scene in which Jung beats up a guy and suffocates him with a roll of tape. Yep, that kind of movie.

5. Stunning city-view porn.

The film uses gratuitous, sweeping, beautiful shots of Seoul to complement its fast-talking, fast-acting cast.

6. Simon Yam's cameo.

Cold Eyes is a remake of the 2007 Hong Kong film Eye in the Sky and features Yam, who played the head sergeant. He makes an appearance in the film in a brilliant nod to the original.

Tell us some of your favorite Korean films of the year!