Fan Bingbing is easily one of the world's most beautiful people. She is often known as a fashion icon as well as a beauty icon. In her new photo shoot for Grazia China, Fan Bingbing shows off her ability to look gorgeous no matter how she is styled. Check out her 6 looks below!

1.  Glamorously chic

From the fashion to the makeup, Fan Bingbing looks flawless! (as usual)

2. Androgynous beauty

Even dressed and styled in men's fashion, Fan Bingbing's beauty is unrelenting!

3. Stylishly sexy

Here she looks alluring while remaining tasteful.

4. Effortless beauty 

The barely-there makeup and the minimalistic nature of the photo suit her so well.

5. The Just-showered-getting-ready-for-an-elegant-party look

She looks gorgeous here, and her winged eyeliner is always so perfect! 

6. Innocently cute

The pigtails and the dress paired together give her a very young look. The cute phone case also adds to that young feeling!

Here are also a few extra photos from the shoot! What do you think of the styling?