Want someone to obsess over KPop with, but none of your friends listen to it? Here are a few suggestions to turn your friends into KPop fangirls/fanboys!

1. Every time you hang out with them, casually play Kpop music in the background.

Soon, they will be humming the tune but they won't know why!

2. Make them mix CDs with a few Kpop songs mixed in.

Maybe start off with ones that are in English, like: Girls Generation's "The Boys," Miss A's "Love Alone," or JYJ's "Empty." And then work your way into songs fully in Korean.

3. Figure out what kind of music your friend is already into. Then find an artist that is closest to that genre and make them watch one of their music videos.

For example, if your friend is into rock, show them something like C.N.Blue's "I'm Sorry" music video. Or if your friend likes ballads, show them 2AM's music video for "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me."

4. Once you find the one artist/group that they like, you're in.

All it takes is them liking one KPop artist and they will soon like more and more!

5. Send them videos of their favorite groups on reality shows and interviews.

They will soon start to love the group's personality, which will make them a bigger KPop fan!

6. And if all else fails, just show them all of the pretty idols.

If all goes well, you should have yourself a new KPop buddy!

*I wasn't originally planning on featuring only Infinite, but somehow it turned out that way!