Love & Secret has surprisingly become one of our top most popular dramas. It's quite a feat as it is the first time that a daily drama has joined the Top 10 most watched shows at DramaFever. Unlike other recent winners, this drama series does not have any vampires, ghosts, action heroes, or time travel. So why is it so popular? Allow me to highlight 6 reasons why you'd want to watch Love & Secret.

1. It has a mature topic: It's rare to see the female lead as an unwed mother in Korea dramas, especially right from episode 1. The drama starts off with the realistic scenario about a young Korean woman who heads to the US to study and falls for a handsome and rich boyfriend. They become passionate lovers and she becomes pregnant, but he ditches her to marry a suitable match. As the story unfolds, she decides to keep the baby and return to Korea, but she is afraid to tell her parents the truth. 

For the international audience, it is very interesting to see the resulting conflicts when Korean traditional values are confronted with social changes in the 21st century world. Her situation creates difficulties for her family and for herself, and they try to keep the baby's origin a secret. 

2. Shin So Yool plays Han Areum, the young single mother who struggles in raising her child while trying to make a living as a fashion designer. There are times when the audience may feel that she is selfish for not telling her parents the truth, but we need to remember the character is in her young 20s. Her character will grow along with the adversity she encounters.

Shin So Yool won Best Actress in a Daily Drama for this role. She was recently in Mrs. Cop.

3. Kim Heung Soo plays the rich heir who doesn't think he would ever care about love. His cute boyish looks and demeanor make him perfect for the character who meets our female lead in hilarious encounters. He falls for Areum but is then confronted with indecision and doubts when the secret is revealed. The situation is compounded by the fact that his parents have arranged a fiancee for him.

It's nice to see this tall and handsome actor getting a romantic lead role in Love & Secret. He previously made a strong impression as the young king with an alter ego in Jung Il Woo's fantasy historical drama The Night Watchman's Journal. He stole the scenes as he literally played 2 roles, often appearing in the same scene as he carried on a debate between his two characters.

4. Yang Jin Woo plays Phillip, the ex-boyfriend from the US. The handsome actor's linguistic ability is well utilized in this role because he speaks English well. It turned out that he studied at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. He also speaks Japanese because he spent a year as an exchange student in Japan. Lucky for us that he decided that acting is his true calling.

His character is actually quite complex in Love & Secret. He is someone who makes decisions based on calculated gains and goals, even though he loves Areum. He resents his spoiled ex-wife but he wouldn't finalize the divorce without the right financial settlements.

5. Jung Dong Hwan and Kim Hye Ok - The two veteran actors are great as Areum's loving parents. They are genuinely kind and principled, but they are also beholden to traditional values and are bothered by their daughter having a child out of wedlock. The father, in particular, would rather admit the child as his own from an affair than hurt his daughter's reputation. 

If they look familiar to you, it could be because you saw Jung as Soo Ae's father in Mask, and Kim as the mother in Kim Soo Hyun's Producer.

6. Yang Han Yeol stands out as Areum's young cousin, who loves eating and has an optimistic personality. Do you recognize him playing a boy with a very different personality as the shy and introspective young Sung Joon in She Was Pretty?

Here is a bonus reason to watch Love & Secret:

Although daily dramas have many episodes, each episode of Love & Secret is only 30 minutes. You can either watch a little every day such as during a break, or binge several episodes to your content. The drama doesn't have extreme murderous villains such as in Mask or dreamy love-at-first-sight romances like in Heirs. What the understated sweet drama has is a lot of everyday love from those who care about each other and are willing to protect the secrets for the ones they love. 

Watch Love & Secret now!

~ NancyZdramaland