Named after the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, members of the K-pop girl group SPICA certainly have the pipes to shine like stars. After debuting in 2012, they have made quite a name for themselves. This year, Jiwon, Bohyung, Boa, Juhyun, and Narae will be visiting the US for the first time as part of the lineup for KCON! If you aren't familiar with them, or even if you are, here are 6 SPICA songs you should definitely listen to before KCON 2014!

1. You Don't Love Me

"You Don't Love Me" certainly has a retro vibe to it, from the music itself to its pin-up girl concept. This is also their latest single, released in January of this year. The song is definitively sexy, but SPICA excels at sexy without being overly revealing, making it my personal favorite song from the group.

2. Tonight

If you need an anthem for going out and having fun, then you have found it! The video even features the girls running around and having the time of their lives as the song features lyrics about letting go of things that don't go your way and finding hope.

3. Lonely

Slightly jazzy and slightly dancy, "Lonely" is all about dealing with the aftermath of a break-up.

4. I'll Be There

"I'll Be There" is definitely more of the cute, pop-oriented side of SPICA, but the song is addicting. You'll find yourself dancing around to it in no time!

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5. Painkiller

Despite its rebel concept and hard beat, the ballad feel of the vocals makes this one of the groups slower songs... However, slow doesn't mean any less powerful!

6. Russian Roulette

With a somewhat light feel to it, "Russian Roulette" was their debut song and it definitely had an impact on the K-pop world. (Warning: The video is true to its name and does feature the girls playing the game with a fake gun.)

7. Bonus Video: Cover of Anna Kendrick's "Cups" in Korean

We all know the music world can be a little heavy-handed with the auto-tune feature. I wanted to make good on my claim that these girls can sing, and they provided all the proof I needed when they did a cover of the song "Cups" in Korean where they are singing a capella.

What you think of SPICA? What's your favorite song from the group? Will you be attending KCON 2014? Tell me all of your thoughts in the comments below or, as always, you can send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!