The fall leaves are turning, pumpkins appear in grocery stores, and Christmas decorations are being sold at the hardware store: that means it's almost Halloween. We here at DramaFever thought we would recommend a few spooky dramas full of ghosts and mysterious happenings for your yearly treat. We promise, no tricks! You can trust us, really, but there might be spoilers...

6 Secret Garden: Alright, alright! Secret Garden is not exactly spooky, but our love of Hyun Bin's uptight department store manager, who loves sparkly tracksuits, and Ha Ji Won's take-no-prisoners stuntwoman will not be denied. While the show mainly centers on a supernatural body swap, we do have a friendly ghost helping our fated lovers out.

5 49 Days: Who really loves you? is the question that this drama asks. If you had 49 days to find three people who genuinely love you, while inhabiting someone else's body, what would you find out? Oh those Grim Reapers! Always intervening to set things right.

4.Who Are YouOk Taec Yeon, as the typically cynical cop, and So Yi Hyun, as his new partner who has gained the ability to see ghosts after a 6-year coma (Really, what coma patient hasn't gained a strange supernatural power? It just kind of goes with the territory), pair up to solve crimes and put uneasy spirits to rest.  It's not until they start delving into the mystery surrounding So Yi Hyun that the chemistry really crackles to life between our two leads.

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3Bride of the CenturyYang Jin Sung does double duty as two identical women whose fates are tied to Choi Kang Ju, played by Lee Hong Ki.  One loves him, one is engaged to him, both struggle to deal with the 100-year-old curse that kills the first bride of the first son. All this plus adorable kittens (see above kitten awwwww) and a Bead Bracelet of Doom!

2Arang and the Magistrate: The gorgeous period piece explores what happens when the ghost of a murdered girl tries to uncover why she was murdered. Starring Shin Min Ah as the titular ghost and Lee Joon Ki as the magistrate she bedevils into helping her, Arang holds your attention tightly until you find yourself shouting, "Don't go into that Murder House at night!" at the top of your lungs. Bonus points Yeon Woo Jin, who manages to be broken, evil, and deliciously hot all at the same time. Special Bonus points to Shin Min Ah, who perfected the role of the beautiful, courageous klutz. Triple special bonus points to Lee Joon Ki, who makes fan wielding look so cool.

1The Master's Sun: We'll level with you—Arang and the Magistrate is a more tightly told story than The Master's Sun, which is mostly a series of situations inflicted on our leads.  They range from comically horrifying (a one-shoed ghost intent on retrieving her designer high heel) to back-of-neck-crawling creepy (dolls, just horrible, horrible dolls). Master's Sun has two things Arang and the Magistrate does not: So Ji Sub and So Ji Sub kissing. That'll chase the ghosts away.

Honorable MentionAfter School: Lucky or Not episode 8: The one where they make a horror movie. 

What do you think, drama fans? What is your favorite ghostly drama?