If you aren't a fan of football but want to be part of the sports madness, the world of K-dramas is here for you. You can enjoy romance, humor, drama, and sports during Super Bowl XLIX this weekend. The Seahawks and the Patriots may not deliver it; however, DramaFever can. While they score the most meaningful touchdowns of the 2014-2015 season, you can feel like a team player watching these sport-themed K-dramas.

1.To The Beautiful You

SHINee's Min Ho plays an troubled athlete who considers abandoning his track and field sport. F(x)'s Sulli disguises herself as a boy to attend his all-male prep school and encourage him to continue being a high jumper.

2.Heading To The Ground

DBSK's Yun Ho transforms into a promising soccer player whose career is put in jeopardy due to a number of events. Go Ah Ra co-stars as the sports agent with whom he falls in love.

3.Operation Proposal

Yoo Seung Ho's hopeless romantic character in this drama time travels for a second chance at love. The sports side is that he is a baseball player.

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:


Min Hyo Rin plays an aspiring figure skater who is compelled to return to her sport after encountering her old rivals. Her hot stepbrother, portrayed by Lee Jung Jae, is a great distraction for her and the viewers.

5. Birdie Buddy

After School's UEE becomes a country girl with big dreams in golf. Her quest to become a pro golfer is complicated by her challenger, played by Lee Da Hee, and love interest, played by Lee Yong Woo.

6. Basketball

Do Ji Han stars as a young basketball player determine to represent unified Korea in the 1948 London Olympics. His falls in love with a magazine reporter (actress Elijah Lee) along the way.

Which drama will you be tuning into this Sunday? 

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