Drama fans have been very excited about the news that Lee Min Ho is considering a new drama. One reason for the excitement is that the proposed drama is being written by Park Ji Eun, the scriptwriter for the universally successful My Love From Another Star and other popular dramas. She also has a unique style in creating her characters.

Let's first review dramas that Ms. Park has written. (The list is in reverse chronological sequence.)

1. Producer - A story that Ms. Park said was inspired by a real-life producer couple in South Korea. Kim Soo Hyun won many awards for his performance as a rookie producer in a trouble-prone variety program.

2. My Love From Another Star - The award-winning drama's popularity won further fame for already successful stars Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. If you're ever mystified when a new drama makes a reference to Professor Do Min Joon, that means you probably need to run, not walk, to watch this beloved drama about a 400-year-old starman who falls for a temperamental actress on Earth.

3. My Husband Got a Family - Clocking at 58 episodes, this popular family drama ran for 5 months with blockbuster record-setting TV ratings. Kim Nam Joo stars again in a Park Ji Eun story.

4. Queen of ReversalsKim Nam Joo plays a woman who has to deal with balancing a difficult marriage and a demanding career, along with her boss Park Shi Hoo (Neighborhood Hero), who has fallen for her. The drama was so popular that it was extended by 10 episodes, and Park Shi Hoo got the girl, despite being the second-lead male.

5. Queen of HousewivesKim Nam Joo and Oh Ji Ho star in this award-winning drama that set new records in ratings as well as new fashion trends in South Korea.

6. Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung - This fun drama, also writer Park's debut drama, is about a man who transforms himself into a handsome and successful golfer and plans to get revenge against the woman who rejected him years ago. Starring Oh Ji Ho and Uhm Jung Hwa, the story is inspired by the true-life reunion of a high-profile Korean couple who re-united after breaking up for 10 years.

Aside from having written a string of successful dramas, Park Ji Eun is also the kind of writer who thinks ahead before she creates her characters.

At a panel discussion held during the 2015 KCON in Los Angeles, the famous scriptwriter said that she created characters with specific actors and actresses in mind. For instance, she thought of Kim Soo Hyun when she created the role of Baek Seung Chan for Producer, and Kim welcomed the role of a rookie producer that is different from the heroic professor-alien in My Love From Another Star

In other words, the script that Lee Min Ho is reportedly "reviewing with the highest priority" is written with him in mind. Isn't that interesting?  

At KCON LA, Park Ji Eun also mentioned that she was collaborating with director Jin Hyuk (City Hunter) for a future project. Given how long the arduous journey may take for a writer to germinate an idea and to finally write a script, is it possible she already had Lee Min Ho in mind back in August 2015?

We fans wouldn't push Lee Min Ho into accepting just any project, but we certainly would like to hear a confirmation news soon.

Do you want Lee Min Ho to accept writer Park Ji Eun's script? Can you guess what kind of role it is based on writer Park Ji Eun's past dramas?

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