While Jealousy Incarnate has come to a rather satisfying end, the show truly lives on in my memory as one that not only had a beautiful story line, but also left me with some integral style lessons. I am not just referring to Gong Hyo Jin and her wrap dresses and oversized sweaters, but even the other lead characters, who slayed at every opportunity they got! Here's six essential style lessons I am taking away from my favorite fall drama of 2016!

Lesson #1: Replace all sweaters with oversized versions!

Perfect for: When you want to sneak in tubs of ice cream to survive class, but yet look stylish while doing it!

Comfy, cozy yet stylish - this is such a win-win situation! Many of the female characters pull off oversized sweaters during the course of the drama, but one of my favorite looks was this one in particular! Episode 23 where Gong Hyo Jin, aka Pyo Na Ri, turns up at Reporter Lee's (Jo Jung Suk) house to convince him to not break up. Reasons why this look is such a winner? For starters, the silhouette is flattering to almost all body types, and, hello, can we not overlook the comfort factor? 

Lesson #2: Nude on nude on nude!

Perfect for: The manliest of man who can layer like a pro and pull off nude like a dude!

Go Jung Wong, aka Go Kyung Pyo, owns a fancy boutique, so it is only a given that his fashion sense is going to be on point! But this particular look majorly stood out because, hello!, this dude is pulling off nude! A color that has seen massive popularity with women hasn't really made it to the male wardrobe....until we saw this. The good looking actor paired a nude sweater with an oversized nude coat and balanced the entire look with a white shirt. Pro much?

Lesson #3: Beanies for over 30!

Perfect for: For the over 30 readership who had retired their beanies to the back of their wardrobe. It's time to pull them out!

Lee Sung Jae, who plays the asexual chef, gave us pretty solid yet safe looks. But this one in particular was a winner, simply for being so laid back! I love how tiny the beanie is, and that nonchalant slouch at the top is all kinds of adorable. But pairing it with a denim jacket? Genius!

Lesson 4: Pearls are still pretty perfect!

Pearls are so last season....NOT! The creamy bauble is having a major moment under the trendy sun, and you best be making the most of it!

Park Ji Young might play a senior journalist, but her fashion choices were anything but serious! The seasoned actress gave her character a playful look by pulling off suspenders, jumpsuits, fluffy sweaters and some serious hardware. Case in point, this beautiful pearl and gold necklace that is anything but conventional. While it might be tough finding this exact same piece, we recommend looking for unconventional pearl jewelry with gold undertones! It's a combination that can posh up the dullest of looks!

Lesson #5 :Even big girls wear ribbons! 

If you thought this cute hair tie style was strictly for little girls, then Gong Hyo Jin is here to give you a major rethink!

Being a news anchor, her character Pyo Na Ri regularly pulls off ribbons and bowties like it's no biggie! I mean, look at this image, will you? Matching it with her purple jumper, the pretty actress is sending a strong message to all her fans: If you're not matching your ribbons to your dress, you're pretty much not living! Message received, Gong Hyo Jin, message received!

Lesson # 6: Gold-framed glasses aren't just for your grand daddy!

Be loud, proud and unabashed about your nerd status!

Stop hiding behind pseudo-cool frames! The latests in eye wear trends involves going back to the good old days. When classic shapes were the trend du jour and gold rims ruled! Case in point, these round gold frames Jo Jung Suk proudly wears in the drama. They are at once vintage and cool, without being pretentious! Such a major style lesson for those of us who have to wear glasses. 

What do you think of these major trends from Jealousy Incarnate? Chat with us in the comments section below! And be sure to marathon all 24 episodes now on DramaFever! 


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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