One of China's rising leading men is Huang Xuan, who made his first appearance on DramaFever as Cecilia Liu's first love in Imperial Doctress. Now, he is back as the hot interpreter in Les Interprètes. Take a look at these interesting facts you probably didn't know about the handsome and talented actor!

1. Huang Xuan graduated from the famous Beijing Dance Academy. 

No wonder he can show off these impressive moves:

2. The 31 year-old actor spent 7 years as a relative unknown even though he starred in acclaimed movies and dramas. He finally became hot in the last few years after the film Blind Massage won international recognition.

3. He is known as the "Nation's First Love" in China, often playing the innocent first love who ultimately doesn't get the girl in the end. Even in Imperial Doctress, he was Cecilia Liu's first love who eventually lost her heart.

4. He promoted tourism for Canada's Ontario Province, by starring in a short film with a romantic story called Mission Ontario.

5. He sings too. Here he sings in a lovely and gentle voice for the episode ending theme song in Les Interprètes:

6. Even though he is recognized as a star now, he prefers to lead a quiet life. He mostly enjoys drinking tea, writing calligraphy, and reading intellectual books.

Truly sorry for the abs photos, but I couldn't find a photo showing the hot guy drinking tea, writing calligraphy, or reading intellectual books (... unless you consider his emperor character doing all the above in Imperial Doctress) xD.

Viewers reacted strongly to Huang Xuan's role in Imperial Doctress, thanks to his outstanding performance. Let's hope he'll get the girl this time in Les Interprètes!

~ NancyZdramaland


Les Interprètes - 翻译官

Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

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