With Heirs coming very, very, soon, it's important to know the actors who are going to partake in the drama! Park Hyung-Sik is one of the lesser known actors who will be participating in the show, so I'm here to fill you guys in on him. Did I mention I'm a huge fan of his? Because I am! Okay, let's go!

1. He's an idol!

In case you didn't already know, Hyung-Sik is a member of the nine-member group ZE:A. Before his acting debut, many people only knew him through his Kpop group. However, it seems these days, he's the one bringing fame to ZE:A!

2. This kid can sing!

Okay, you might have guessed that he could sing considering he's in a K-pop group. But I mean he can really, really sing! Watch him cover a song by Davichi (one of the most vocally talented groups in Korea) with ease! Oh, and he's the one on the right side! Impressive, is it not?

3. He's 6'1"!

Hyung-Sik is tall. Really tall. He easily dwarfs all of the ZE:A members, including Im Siwan (pictured above) who is also a well-known actor. So if you like tall guys, definitely keep an eye out for Park Hyung-Sik. He's certainly going to be one of the tallest characters in Heirs.

4. He's besties with Kwang-Hee!

Seeing as they're in the same group, it's not surprising that Kwang-Hee and Hyung-Sik are friends. However, they're more than friends. They're best friends! Check out this adorable video of them going to McDonald's together. Sharing food: isn't that what friendship is really about?

5. He's in the army!

Well, not for real. However, he is on the hit show Real Men which takes idols, actors, and all types of people and shows them what it's like to join the army. On the show, Hyung-Sik has earned himself the title of "baby soldier" for his lack of knowledge about his new setting. Fortunately, he seems to be adjusting quite well!

6. He gained popularity for his acting with Nine: Nine Time Travels!

Heirs won't be the first time Hyung-Sik has acted. The idol-turned-actor made a big splash with his impressive performance in the time travel drama Nine: Nine Time Travels. In the show, he played the past version of the main character, which was quite a difficult role to pull off. After gaining favorable reviews for his performance, he's been asked to join more dramas! Phew...so we won't have to worry about his acting chops!

There we have it! Six facts about Park Hyung-Sik to prepare you for his upcoming comeback in Heirs. Now the anticipation is even greater, right?