Isabel has been one of DramaFever Latino's most successful titles, largely because of its excellent storyline and amazing production values. As we wait for the second season, currently under production in Spain, here are 6 surprising facts about the show and its lovely star Michelle Jenner!

1. "Isabel’s" leading lady, Michelle Jenner, dubbed the voice of Hermione Granger in the first four Harry Potter movies.

2. Her brother David Jenner, dubbed the voice of Sid in Toy Story. Psycho kid.

3. Her dad, Miguel Angel Jenner, is cooler than both of them, as he dubbed the voices for Lumiere in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…

4. …Pumba in Disney’s Lion King…

5. …and Mr. Potato Head in Disney’s Toy Story. Coolest. Guy. Ever.

6. Barbara Lennie, who plays Isabel's rival, the evil Queen Juana de Avis, was in Red Eagle for one episode as a major player in the story! [Spoiler Alert: She’s Gonzalo’s wife!]