It’s official: the selfie is indisputably the method of choice when it come to instantly sharing your sexy mug for all the virtual world to see. Still, taking a compelling selfie is an art form in itself: there are angles to consider, makeup techniques to enhance your look, and plenty of filters and photo adjustment tools to try before you hit that little blue arrow in the corner. Here are some tips for taking memorable selfies:

1) Consider the where

If you’re the type who can’t resist taking a bathroom selfie, please… just don’t. Not only do you look silly, but your picture will just enter the dreaded black hole of bathroom selfies.

Instead, try taking a selfie in these scenic, interesting spots:

-Around greenery: at the park, in a flower field, or heck, by a cool-looking bush outside your neighbor’s house. Anything that adds depth.

-In front of street art: try choosing colorful areas to vibe with a neutral look, or vice versa with a funky look and black & white Bansky-type art.

-Selfies with adorable animals always up the cute factor.

-Eyes-only selfie: with only your upper half of your face showing and eyes looking upward, highlight your item of choice: maybe a huge stuffed Rilakkuma you saw in a store, or maybe a waffle that’s bigger than your head.

2) Get Glam for yo’ Gram

Almost everyone looks better with the help of a little makeup (notice I said a little, not a whole compact’s worth!)… I know I would look like a diseased panda if I didn’t at least slap on some concealer and lip balm. Depending on where your day takes you, make sure to give your face a little lovin’ with a quick touch up.

3) Filter out the bad

Maybe your picture ended up being a bit too dark or off color wise than what you had originally intended. No worries, modern technology has afforded us picture-editing powers to rival Photoshop — granted, you kind of know what you’re doing.

For landscape pictures, I like starting from a darker picture and then adding effects or brightening the image as a whole. If you took a picture in the dark to start with, then it’s a good idea to brighten it up by a little bit, but not to the point where it looks washed out. Selfies tend to look their best if you start with good natural lighting — it’s simply the hallmark of a great picture.

4) Angle it right

Let’s face it – sometimes, the angle just makes the picture. Single person selfies look best when taken at an angle — call it artistic, call it cheating the camera, whatever. I personally like taking photos from slightly off-kilter from the middle, not too angled, but just enough to catch my best features.

For group shots, the best angle is from overhead: that way, you can fit everyone in the picture, and it opens up an opportunity to make a hilarious K-pop style face that is sure to get plenty of likes based just on the funny factor.

Miss Downton Abbey? Watch a talented young seamstress become a spy to help England fight the Nazis before WWII.

5) Repetition is Rad

Warhol got it right when he was one of the first to do selfies on repeat: it just looks cool. A normal one-image selfie transforms into a prism of awesomeness with one finger tap… just don’t do it for every single picture, of course.

6) And finally: things NOT to do

-Duck lips.

-Fish lips.

-Making out selfies. Ew!


-Hair-all-over-the-face selfies (no, you don’t look mysterious).

-For the dudes: raised-eyebrow-while-half-naked selfies. No, you ain’t sexy.

-Wrinkled-nose/uglycute face selfies: just, NO.

-Gang-sign selfies: no haters, please.

-Just try not to make every Instagram picture a selfie please? It makes you look reaaaallly narcissistic. Especially on your legacy Instagram profile page.

Disclaimer: Selfies are really not the best medium for picture-taking… please, ask someone for help if you want, like, a genuine photo. Otherwise, fine, welcome to anti-socialdom.