Hello. My name is Carley. And I’m a Historical Romance addict. About three years ago, I was finishing up some grocery shopping after work. Went to the checkout lane and, in fumbling for my wallet, my phone slipped from my hand and landed on the register. The clerk, who waited on me all the time and knew me by name, smiled and picked up my phone to hand it back to me. 

And then. He paused. 

My Tumblr app had accidentally opened during the kerfuffle, and, staring him dead in the face, was a post from one of my favorite historical romance Tumblr pages. It wasn’t a slow-motion gif of favorite Oppa totally shirtless, but it was the same idea. (This was before  DramaFever introduced me to My Sassy Girl and Ruler: Master of the Mask: and changed my entire life.)

But basically, at the time? I. Was. Mortified.

He handed the phone back to me and I paid as quickly as possible and got the heck out of there. It felt like my cover had been blown: he knew a part of my life that I did not share with anyone except my friends online. On the outside, I was a totally normal looking young professional. In reality? I was just a highly functioning historical romance addict.

If you’re like me, it’s OK. You’re in good company.

Here are 6 signs that you're a fellow highly functioning historical romance addict:

#6. You Lie About Having Plans.

Like. All the time. What your non-fandom friends don’t realize is that when you tell them you can’t hang out because “you’re busy” it means you’re busy binge watching the latest episode of your favorite period drama.

#5. You are very, very, very protective.

Whenever someone says the words “history is boring” you have to physically restrain yourself from hurting them. Boring? I’m sorry, have you seen Ruler? Do you even know how intense the fight between Prince Lee Sun and the Pyunsoo hwe is?! No?! THEN SHUSH.

#4. Your biggest crushes have been dead for, like, 300 years.

And you know what? They’re still more gorgeous than anyone living today.

#3. Your social media feeds are … shall we say … emotional.

Me on FB: "Sooooo excited about tonight’s new episode! Had to quit my job to get home in time, but hey, it’s worth it! Lol!"


Me on IG: Pretty filter photos of books, flowers, tea and poetry.

#2. People on the subway probably think your nuts.

Since you live life in a heightened state of emotional turmoil, random outbursts of uncontrollable laughing and/or sobbing is just a part of who you are. And sometimes, yes, it happens when you’re smashed up against the guy next to you on the subway.

#1. There is only ONE thing to keep you from wanting to live back then:

Hygiene. You’re constantly torn between wanting to experience the romance and beauty of it all … and having things like, you know, deodorant. And toothpaste. And hand sanitizer.


My Sassy Girl (2017)

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo

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