Asian dramas are full of romantic tropes both used and abused.  One that does not show up often is couple shaving.  Here are six dramas that brought their couples closer with a razor and a touch of shaving cream. 

1.  Pinocchio

Dal Po is suffering with a hurt arm. In Ha takes this opportunity to tease and flirt while helping her best guy out. 

2. It's Okay, That's Love

Jae Yeol has spent several days writing non-stop.  Hye Soo stops by to help clean him up before she is forced to make a choice to save him and their love. 

See the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung in It's Okay, That's Love:

3. Just You

Qi Yi  is hurt and his unwanted roommate Liang Liang offers, in her clumsy but cute way, to help shave him. The closeness of this intimate act makes Qi Yi's heart start to race. Could he possibly like this girl?

4. Autumn's Concerto

Arguably my favorite T-drama ever.  In this scene, Guang Xi is struggling in the hospital as he prepares for brain cancer surgery.  The tests and treatments are taking their toll on his mind and body.  Mu Cheng comes to help perform the simple act of shaving and finds that her loving support is the comfort he desperately needs to keep going. 

5.  Secret Garden

Joo Won and Ra Im have found themselves stuck in each other's bodies for the first time. In this scene, Joo Won is showing Ra Im how to shave himself. Humor ensues.

6. I Need Romance (first series)

I know you've been waiting for it. Our dramas have used this intimate act for just about every other situation than the one that we want to see most. Well, this delightful drama doesn't let us down. Woo In Young and Sung Soo show us that shaving cream can even rekindle a lost love. 

Now that's a kiss I can watch over and over. 

The chemistry between these six couples is no joke and is only one reason why we love these stories so much.  What are some of your favorite intimate scenes?