Sometimes the most heart-warming story is also just a simple story about friends. In this case, a six-year-old girl held on to her friend for 40 minutes and saved his life. Even for an adult, it's not easy to grab another person who's fallen into a pond for that long.

This story occurred in the small mountainside village of Jin Tan in the Sichuan province of China. The little girl, Wang Xin-Yin, and a six-year-old boy named Wang Yue-Long are best friends. They study together in the local kindergarten and even share the same desk. They always play together after school.

In the afternoon of December 25, they decided to visit a friend after school. They didn't find their friend, but they saw that there was a pond next to the rice paddy. Being the young kids that they were, they went to the edge of the pond and started throwing lumps of dirt into the water. All of a sudden, Yue-Long stepped on some slippery grass and fell into the pond. Soon, the water was chest high.

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As Xin-Yin recalled later, "I saw him fall in. I kneeled down to grab him." Because she got hold of him, he did not sink down, but she was too young and too weak to actually lift him out of the pond. She started crying for help, but no one heard her. As each second and each minute went by, the sun started setting, and the water got colder and colder. Yue-Long was so cold that he couldn't even talk, and his lips were turning purple. 

Around this time, Xin-Yin's mother noticed she wasn't home yet, and she started looking for her. She first went to the friend's house but didn't see her daughter. She then followed the road and eventually heard her daughter's cries, which by now were hoarse and desperate. When Xin-Yin's mother found the kids, she was able to pick up Yue-Long. By now, it had been 40 minutes since Xin-Yin reached out to hold on to her best friend. 

Yue-Long was unresponsive when he was saved. After a hot bath and some ginger broth, he was sent to the hospital and has since recovered. Right after the incident, Xin-Yin felt pain in her hands. She couldn't even pick up her rice bowl at dinnertime. Xin-Yin's mother said that the girl's hands were still trembling the next day.

Xin-Yin had just had her sixth birthday in December. She wanted new clothes for her birthday, but her mother didn't buy them for her. Now, her mother has bought her a brand new red outfit.  Her life-saving effort has been praised by their village leader. But if you ask Xin-Yin, she's simply happy that she can play with her best friend again.

~ NancyZdramaland