Korean star So Ji Sub's fan meet on June 28 in Taiwan was so hot that it was sold out as soon as it started selling, so he eventually agreed to a second show to be held at midnight. The requirement for the midnight meet was that the fans had to be adults. In all, 6,000 lucky fans were thrilled that they had the opportunity to hide in So Ji Sub's "shelter of comfort," made famous by him in the popular romance drama The Master's Sun.

So Ji Sub was certainly very impressed and touched by his fans' devotion. He remained energetic throughout the back-to-back shows, and even shook hands with every fan. He sang many of his new hip-hop songs at the fan meet, including the new "Boy Go."

During the Q&A session, he kept his cool and answered his fans' question in a very candid manner. The 36-year-old heartthrob was asked about his marriage plans. He said he did not have someone in mind yet, and he turned the question around to his fans asking if they would change their heart (about him) if he got married. The fans said, no, they all would support him getting married and having children. He was very happy upon hearing that and said, "You are definitely my fans!" He did admit that he would like his girlfriend to be someone considerate and understanding of his work. He will not reveal who he's dating until it's someone he has decided to marry.

On the other hand, this single man-god demanded that his fans only love him and not leave him to marry someone else. He even drew a lucky fan as 'Mrs. So' and gave her a ring. He gave another fan earrings that he had worn. He joked that he had worn those earrings and tried to clean them before giving them away.

And guess what, here's a video of the lucky drawing session. You can totally scream and squeal along with the Taiwanese fans at the totally cute So Ji Sub:

It wasn't clear which age was considered adulthood for the midnight show by the event's organizers. In Taiwan, voting age starts at 20, but males at 18 and females at 16 can marry with parental consent. It really doesn't matter, because fans of all ages would like to share the protective shelter with So Ji Sub.

His fans also include Taiwanese actors. Peter Ho of Summer's Desires sent him a flower basket with this message: 'Welcome to Taiwan, Wish you all the best.' Even Taiwanese actress Mandy Wei, star of DramaFever's Deja Vu, posted this selfie and shared her excited thoughts: 'I have lost my soul after meeting So Ji Sub. My eyes are still hallucinating and I'm in a daze. So Ji Sub gave me the same feeling in person. He is so sincere and honest in the way he treats his fans and his work. Let's all keep supporting him!'

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As So Ji Sub left Taiwan, he left this Weibo message: 'Taiwan's fan meet has safely concluded. A very blessed time. Very thankful for your voice of encouragement. Oh yes, mango ice is good!'

There's not a much better combination in the world than having delicious summer mango dessert in the So Ji Sub shelter. You just have to share it with several thousand other people.