When I think of grandmas, I see smiling faces and think of all the wisdom and grace they have through experience. Who would think when looking at an elderly woman that she would not only be a thief, but blatantly try to hide it, assaulting other people in the process?

At Sheung Wan cake shop, a 62-year-old Chinese woman was being questioned for attempting to walk out with 20 unpaid for bread rolls. Rather than confessing, she stuffed three rolls into her mouth. When staff members then asked for $4 for what was eaten, all hell broke loose.

The old woman lashed out at a staff member, who had to later be taken to the hospital for stomach pain. Security immediately called the police and the dispatched policewoman tried to subdue the suspect. The policewoman later had to be checked out by the hospital for a sore face.

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After the old woman was subdued, she stated that she felt unwell so an ambulance took her to the hospital. She was later arrested for suspicion of assaulting an officer, common assault, and theft. Remember folks, don’t judge a book by its cover.