"Stylish Uncle" Wu Xiubo could not be more stylish than in his role in Divorce Lawyers. It broke the record in Chinese modern dramas to fully develop such a fashion style for the male lead. The most expensive outfit for Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiubo's role) reached over 2 million RMB.

1. Suit

As a privileged lawyer, Wu Xiubo's suits always present his yuppie look. Like Barney Stinson's theme song "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit," it also applied to Wu Xiu Bo


2. Coats

Attorney Chi has a very consistent style of coats, always black, grey, or sand gold. With different scarves, Wu Xiubo's winter outfits became an icon.

3. Sweater

Chi Hai Tong (Wu Xiubo) kept a special taste for his casual cloths. His sweaters vary in colors in adorable ways.

4. Casual 

When he is out of court, you can catch Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiubo) in varies casual outfits, showing the energetic and fresh look.

5. Sleepwear

You know even ordinary sleepwear going with his look will be impressive.

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