Sometimes an individual's artwork is so breathtaking, whether it's in the field of fine arts, visual, performance, or any other medium, that you're left wondering what it is that the artist possesses that makes them so special. An 11-year-old painter from Osaka is making everyone who comes across her work wonder exactly that.

Chifu Ohnishi, an 11 year old from Osaka, is the youngest painter ever in the history of the Dokuritsu Exhibition, a highly regarded public art exhibition that's been around since World War II, currently holding its 83rd annual show. Because it's open to the public, competition is fierce, and up until this year, it was unheard of for a child's artwork to get selected, but Chifu's painting just blew the judges on the selection committee away.

What stands out about Chifu's oil panting, which is titled "Tsuki ni Asobu," is how her depiction of the skeleton and skull in a dark yet beautiful and moonlit natural environment shows a view of life way beyond her years. She's probably a better painter than her art teacher!

Chifu's painting is currently exhibited in Osaka, with Kyoto next. It's only a matter of time before her paintings make it around the world.

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Tsuki ni Asobu

Exhibition poster

Another one of Chifu's paintings