The hard work and endless effort Korean idols put into their rolls in popular dramas are often met with many rewards --  fame, recognition, and the love of their fans -- however, what about the paycheck? Just how much do idols make when they cross over unto the silver screen? You won't believe just how much some idols get paid per episode in some of your favorite dramas! 

On the popular Korean online community Instiz, a post revealed how much money acting idols made per drama episode

SNSD - Yoona ~ 20 million won (18,000 USD)

Yoona is currently in The K2!

Miss A - Suzy ~ 20 million won (18,000 USD)

Most recently in Uncontrollably Fond!

BtoB- Sungjae ~ 10 million won (9,000 USD)

Currently working on drama, “Goblin" which airs in November this year! 

ZE:A- Park Hyung Sik ~ 10 million won (9,000 USD)

Most recently in "Hwarang: The Beginning"

Lee Joon ~ 10 million won (9,000 USD)

Most recently in “Woman with a Suitcase”.

INFINTE - L (Kim Myung Soo) ~ 7 million won (6,300 USD)

Most recently in, “The Day After We Broke Up"

F(x) - Krystal ~ 6 million won  (5,400) USD

Most recently in "My Lovable Girl"

Did you enjoy the work of these idol-actors? What do you think about their pay scale? Let us know what you think below!


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