Does the military make a man out of someone? This seems to be the consensus, in our eyes, at least. Here are seven actors who returned to TV looking hotter than ever right after returning from the military!

1. Choi Si Won in Revolutionary Love

The Super Junior member and She Was Pretty star is staging a huge comeback this Saturday, October 14. In Revolutionary Love, Siwon plays a prince charming disguised as an average Joe. Through victories and struggles, he becomes acquainted with and eventually falls for the Cinderella (Kang So Ra). See why we’re looking forward to Si Won’s return here!

2. Choi Jin Hyuk in Tunnel

Choi Jin Hyuk returned to show business this March after a two-year break. In Tunnel, a cop (Yoon Hyun Min) enters the namesake tunnel chasing a killer and time-travels thirty years into the future. This crime-thriller attracted the largest viewership in cable channel OCN’s history.

3. Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong Ki had his share of deliberations over filming a war show right after returning from the military. Through Descendants of the Sun, however, he rose to stardom and met the love of his life, Song Hye Gyo.

4. Hyun Bin in Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Actor Hyun Bin had garnered much popularity through shows like Secret Garden and My Lovely Sam Soon. The show of his choice after returning from the military was Hyde, Jekyll, and I. In this romantic, crime-solving show, a frosty, unpredictable boss (Hyun Bin) with two personas confuses his junior (Han Ji Min), who can’t quite figure him out.

5. Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman

After serving his country alongside actors Kim Jae Won and Lee Jin Wook, Lee Dong Wook returned to play the love interest of a dying woman (Kim Seon Ah) with only months to live checking off items on a bucket list and living her life to the fullest in Scent of a Woman.

6. Kim Jae Won in Can You Hear My Heart

Kim Jae Won decided to film Can You Hear My Heart only a week after returning from the military. In this melodrama, he plays a man with hearing loss who pretends to hear, eventually falling in love with his crush (Hwang Jung Eum).

7. Namgoong Min in Can You Hear My Heart

Namgoong Min had returned from the military in 2009, but didn’t resume filming until 2011 because he was recovering from spinal disc problems. In Can You Hear My Heart, Namgoong Min played the stepson of a conglomerate family and the unfortunate second lead alongside Kim Jae Won and Hwang Jung Eum.

Which of the seven shows have you watched and liked? Do you think you’ll check out Revolutionary Love, which premieres on Saturday? Let us know below!


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