In many ways, K-dramas are the gateway drug to a much larger obsession: K-pop. The K-pop idol groups with their full concept albums and amazing fashions make the boy bands I grew up with look like trainees in the minor leagues. And with K-pop being so big, it's only natural that fictional idol groups populate the landscape of K-dramaland with as much frequency as cell phone product placement. Here are the top 7 fictional idol groups, or idols, that I would fly to KCON to hear (if one could hear music over the sounds of their own squeals of joy.)

7. Take One ( Full House Take 2)

In the U.S. television show Full House, we were gifted with the fictional band Jesse and the Rippers. In the K-drama Full House Take 2, TAKE ONE puts Jesse and his band to shame as the fictional idol sensation that take the idol mantra of "anything goes" when it comes to wardrobe concepts to heart. Also, these fictional idols are kind enough to show us lots of chocolate abs. As Uncle Jesse used to say, "Have Mercy."

6. National Treasure Girls ( Greatest Love)

This is the band I wish I could be in. I mean, it has Gong Hyo Jin and Yoo In Na. And the "Thump, Thump" song is pretty catchy (and it also helps that is sung by the real idol group Sunny Hill). Also, fictional National Treasure Girls took part in this amazing music video, and watching Gong Hyo Jin attempt synchronized dancing in this is priceless. There is a reason I love her so, so much.


5. Bu Puo Shang ( Skip Beat)

The idol I love to hate, and hate that I love. Bu Puo Shang, played by real Super Junior idol Lee Dong Hae, doesn't have a lot of screen time, and we don't really hear his music, but what his character lacks in storyline, he makes up for in feathers. 

4. Infinite Power ( My Lovable Girl)

Okay, this show is only a few episodes in, but Hoya's fictional idol group Infinite Power is quickly becoming a personal favorite for their seriously catty in-fighting. If I learned one thing from It's Okay, That's Love, it's that these boys need to go into a white room and throw some tomatoes at each other to heal their wounds. 

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3. Eye Candy (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

Okay, you could maybe argue that these guys shouldn't count because they are a fictional rock band with a rock attitude, but I would argue that that is precisely what their idol concept is. And you may recognize one of these rockers from the idol group #4 above. 

2. Oska (Secret Garden)

Yoon Sang Hyun's Oska was the most amazingly comic idol of all time. And there is a reason Ha Ji Won's character wore Oska socks: this is one fictional idol who can sing! He contributed songs to the OST and performed live in a concert as Oska. Being vain never sounded so good.

Photo from Kissogramme

1. A.N.JELL ( You're Beautiful)

This group. I would give anything for this group to be real. Like the way I wish piggy-rabbit were real. Or that fan fiction I wrote about bumping into Jung Yong Hwa outside an airport. But maybe something this amazing could never be real without the universe collapsing in on itself with happiness. But I am going to hold out hope. If watching K-dramas has taught me anything, it's that miracles do happen (and mother-in-laws are evil as hell). 

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