So this dashing young man, Seo In Guk, was born on October 23, 1987. And because of the time difference, it's already his birthday in Korea! So let's just take some time to appreciate the birthday boy!

1. I think we all fell in love with him when he played the adorable Yoon Jae from "Reply 1997."

2. He even went on SNL Korea and starred in a skit titled "How to Become Yoon Yoon Jae." And it was brilliant!

3. He can go from playing adorable characters like Yoon Jae to playing dreamy characters like Kang Woo from "Master's Sun."

4. He's very protective of his mom, even when she is revealing the secret of his birth. His reaction to the "secret" is adorable as well!

5. He does THIS:

Yeah I know, you just fainted.

6. Oh and he just happens to have the voice of an angel.

Yes, that is Ku Hye Sun a.k.a Geum Jan Di from Boys Over Flowers.

7. Look out for his new movie "No Breathing" which also stars Lee Jong Suk. It comes out on October 31st.

I for one am sure ready for all of the bromance!

I mean, just look at how adorable they are.

To celebrate Seo In Guk's birthday, try watching one of his dramas or listening to his music! Enjoy!