With the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards only a week away, I’ve done my civic duty and voted on my favorites. But while I loved voting for my favorite couple and bromance, I can’t help but thinking there were a few key categories that may have been overlooked. If I had my K-drama druthers, and after a bottle of Soju I always do, I’d include the following seven categories to round out my award ceremony.

1. Best Wrist Grab

Grabbing a wrist and making it seem romantic are not as easy as one might think. I try it on people all the time, and I usually just end up in jail. So let's reward the actors who have the acting chops to take a wrist grab and turn it into a swoon-worthy sign of skinship. And let's throw in a lifetime achievement award for most wrist grabs ever (Lee Min Ho, could this be you?)

The Heirs complex double wrist grab. Do not try at home.

2. Best Manner Legs

This article on manner legs changed my life. For the better. Now that I know it is a thing, I want a whole Tumblr blog dedicated to it. But I will also settle for voting for my favorite (cough, cough, Rain, thank you very much). 

My Lovable Girl

3. Most Awkward Product Placement

Okay, during a K-drama you can sell me a phone, a car, hell, even a brand of water. But Subway, stay off my K-dramas if you're going to be so obvious. Seriously, you want me to believe that the wife of the Prime Minister does power lunches with her frenemies over 5 dollar footlongs? I'm not buying it (literally and figuratively). 

The Prime Minister and I

4. Most deserving of a sequel

I know, I know, it's almost never done in K-drama land. Like a good shower scene, they like to leave us wanting more. But that doesn't mean we can't ship season two of our favorite shows, and some really lend themselves to shipping. 2014 includes shows that could totally have kept going, and personally, I was not ready to let go of It's Okay, That's Love (though Jo In Sung's hat pictured below could be left behind in season one and no tears would be shed).

5. Most Epic Fail

On the reverse side of the show you don't want to end is the one that started out with such promise only to leave you more deflated than a Patriots' football. There were more than a few shows this year that had the makings of a greatness, but by episode 10 I was as disappointed as any second male lead when he realizes he's never gonna get the girl. Angel Eyes and Trot Lovers, to name a few, could easily duke it out for this dubious award. 

After slogging through Angel Eyes, I felt a lot like Park Dong Joo above.

6. Show Most Likely to be Binge Watched

What about the show that you simply can't stop watching? It's more than great. It's the Girl Scout Cookie equivalent to K-dramas. And I don't mean Thin Mints. I mean Samoas. Tasty, tasty Samoas. I have baby weight, and I also have My Love from Another Star weight, because that's how good that show was.

7. Most Outrageous Fashion

I really, really love K-drama fashion. If a box of crayons exploded in an Armani store, then you would get some of the best outfits from last year's shows. Would you vote for Trot Lovers' floral running ensemble, or Fated to Love You's hypnotic suit patterns? If I stare at them long enough, will the universe finally reveal to me its secrets? I don't know. But I keep trying.

So there you go, a few more categories to make the DramaFever Awards even more of a nail biter. But what categories would you add? And what shows would you nominate for mine? And who wants to split a box of Samoas with me? 

Tickets for the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards, presented by Toyota, are now sold out, but stay tuned for DramaFever coverage of the event!

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