2015 has been a blissful year for many famous Korean celebrity couples, including those who are expecting to become parents for the first time or welcoming another child to the world. Scroll down to reveal 4 celebrity couples expecting a child in 2016!

1. Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi Joon Hyuk

Jeon Ji Hyun announced her pregnancy after her latest film Assassination premiered this summer. Since then, she cut back her workload and is resting to prepare for the birth of her first child. 

"They have been waiting for this news. They really wanted to have a child this year. Rest of the family is happy for them as well, " Jeon Ji Hyun's acquiantance said according to a source.

The My Love From Another Star actress and banker Choi Joon Hyuk have been married since 2012.

2. Ha Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon 

The Moon That Embraces The Sun actress and the Mask actor happily announced in November that Han Ga In is five months pregnant. This happy news comes after the unfortunate miscarriage Han Ga In suffered in the spring of 2014. 

“Han Ga In is 19 weeks pregnant. At five months, this is her second pregnancy since getting married 10 years ago in 2005," a representative from Han Ga In's agency BH Entertainment said, “The family is extremely happy. Han Ga In is being cautious with her health. She is abstaining from going outside and making an effort with prenatal education.”

3. Wonder Girls' Sunye and James Park

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye and Korean Canadian missionary James Park are expecting their second child. The couple has a daughter together, a two-year-old named Park Eun Yoo (Hailey), since they tied the knot in January 2013. The couple has spent much of their time together in Haiti doing missionary work.

Sunye, along with Sohee, officially left Wonder Girls this summer. 

4. Shin Ae and Park Jae Gwan 

Shin Ae is pregnant with a second child and is due very soon, according to her agency. Shin Ae has no plans to return to work and plans to focus her time on children and family. The couple married in 2009 and their daughter Hee Min was born in 2012. 

In addition to the 4 celebrity couples expecting a child in 2016, these Korean celebrities who became parents in 2015.

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