The combination of Detective K's triumphant return to DramaFever AND the all new BBC offerings has combined in my mind for one heady, glorious idea: casting all my favorite detectives with K-drama stars. The serialized nature of K-dramas, their penchant for twists, turns, and big reveals, make this a match made in heaven. Never mind that Korea doesn’t allow private investigators! If K-dramas have taught me anything, it’s that you can’t stop snoops from snooping.

7. Miss Marple


An older, gossipy woman of independent means, Miss Marple lives in a tiny village of the countryside. Her sharp intellect combined with her age and experience give her the edge in solving crimes. She is sometimes visited by her pompous nephew from the big city. Nam Jeong Hee brought sparkle and vim as Doo Rim’s granny in Bride of Century; she could easily carry off the sprightly Miss Marple. Bonus Casting: gm16.2.png

Bae Soo Bin as her nephew.

6. Hercule Poirot


Poirot is fastidious, fashion conscious, and has the ability to employ a long line of bullsh... erm...half truths to charm people — especially young ladies — to aid him on his cases. He even gets them to confess sometimes by the sheer vibrancy of his personality alone. Kang Ji Hwan has a mixed track record in his roles, but he has an undeniable charm. Put an elegantly groomed mustache on his face so he can solve mysteries!

5. Nancy Drew


Kim Sae Ron brightened the at times plodding teen drama High School Love On as a sparkling Grim Reaper. (Grim Reapers can sparkle — who knew?) This teen actress could certainly hold her own sleuthing at home or abroad as the famous girl detective. Furthermore, she’s just the right age for the role, saving us the embarrassment of pretending a 30 year old is a teen (right, Heirs?).

4. Nick and Nora Charles


The most fabulous, drinking-est, wittiest husband and wife sleuthing duo ever, Nora took endless delight in lording her youth and money over her more mature husband. Nick took great delight in teasing Nora as his deductions — flowering from his cynical attitude, grown through experience — and underworld connections spark her admiration. Throw in a cute dog, lots of liquor, sharp suits, and slinky gowns for best results. Cha Seung Won and Suzy both have the flirty, teasing glamour to make this May/December dynamic come alive.

3. Lord Peter Whimsey


In turns whimsical and haunted, Lord Peter Whimsey can be found discussing fine dining, secret ciphers, or cartwheeling down a hall at any moment. Who better to play this urbane man whose care for naught personae conceals a patriot’s wounded psyche than Joo Won? He’s already done the tough war drama in Bridal Mask.

2. Sam Spade


The benchmark for noir fiction, Sam Spade, in the words of his creator, “wants to be a hard and shifty fellow, able to take care of himself in any situation, able to get the best of anybody he comes in contact with, whether criminal, innocent by-stander or client.” Song Il Kuk searching for The Maltese Falcon? This is the “stuff that dreams are made of.”

1. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson


Cool and cerebral, Holmes is the antithesis of Sam Spade. A natural loner, he nonetheless teams with John Watson, whose own mode of thinking throws illumination on Holmes’s process. These distinct personalities work harmoniously together — Holmes’ brain, Watson’s intuition. Luckily, we already have seen those characteristics at play on Hyde, Jekyll and IHyun Bin and Han Sang Jin weren’t working together in that drama, but you spend the whole drama wishing they would.

Bonus Cast: The Scooby Gang


Look, you know at least TWO of the boys of 5urprise would be OK dressing in drag as Velma and Daphne, right? Plus, Scooby can be played by a stuffed Pink Panther doll, and it gives Shaggy a whole new dimension of weirdness. After School Lucky or Not Season 3?

So what do you think drama fans? Do you agree with my choices? Who is your favorite detective and why?

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