K-pop has given us so many crazy hairstyles throughout the years, but here are some that are so pretty to look at that you may never want to walk away from your computer screen.

1. T.O.P's mint blue hair

The color alone is so eye-catching and beautiful. The hair cut is also complimentary to the color with the shaven sides. And it doesn't hurt that this mint blue hair is on top of T.O.P's head! (see what I did there!)

2. Sehun's rainbow hair

Rainbow hair is often very hard to pull off, but Sehun does it perfectly! This may just be my favorite hairstyle of his. Also I want to give a shout out to his more recent hair which can be seen just below.

3. Yongguk's red hair

When you dye your hair red, it has to be the perfect shade of red or you may end up looking like Ronald McDonald. Yongguk's is exactly right! (I'm also noticing a trend; I keep picking hairstyles with the sides shaved.)

4. Luhan's ginger red carpet hair

Luhan's hair seems to be defying gravity here! The color and style suit his face so well (I mean pretty much anything would suit Luhan, but still). Personally, I would like to see more of this hairstyle.

5. Yoochun's Mirotic era hair

This one is a bit of a throwback, but I still love this era of Yoochun's hair so much it needed to be included. I mean who else could pull off this choppy side-swept bob looking hairdo? [And yes, he is talking about his hair in that .GIF]

6. G-Dragon's Crooked MV hair

G-Dragon has had his fair share of crazy/cool hairstyles, and all of the ones in his "Crooked" MV are just perfect! From the bleached blonde color to the perfectly quaffed top part of his hair, G-Dragon definitely is in the running for Best Hair of 2013.

7. Hyunseung's light blue hair

These last two are very similar in style, but I included Hyunseung's because the color is just too pretty! So those were just a few K-pop hair styles that are pleasing to the eye! In the comments section below, write about your current favorite K-pop hair styles! What about the ladies? Come back tomorrow for my breakdown.