Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable fashion, and their red carpet looks inspire new trends in everyday wear. So what are your favorite actors and actresses wearing lately? Here are 7 current fashion trends from Korea's recent red carpet events.

1. Blue is the new black

Black, white, or maybe a dark navy have been the go-to tux colors for decades, but if recent red carpet events are any indication, that's changing. Brighter blues have been dominating awards show fashion lately, and it looks like the trend is only gaining momentum as more and more actors try the style, with varying degrees of success.

Siwon looked dashing in a bright blue suit with a little sheen to it at the Blue Dragon Awards in December.

Park Seo Joon is another one who looked great in blue at the Busan International Film Festival.

Im Siwan, on the other hand, wasn't quite as successful with this velvet number. At least he went for it!

2. Patterned suits

It always seemed a little unfair that women have so many options for formal wear, but men generally have tuxes and...tuxes. Sure, you can dress it up with a colorful cummerbund or bow tie, but that just doesn't have enough wow factor for some actors, and they're taking styling to a new level with interesting patterned jackets.

Some of the patterns are subtle, like Eric Moon's head-to-toe print that mostly blends in until you see it in the right lighting.

Others were bolder, like Ahn Jae Hyun's black and white jacket for the SBS Awards. The jacket generated a polarized love-it-or-hate it response from fans, but everyone can agree that it's eye catching.

Lee Jung Jae decided to try a pop of color and a pattern in his look for the Blue Dragon Awards:

3. Shorter pant lengths

You call them "highwaters"; these actors call them "fashion forward." Either way, pant lengths have definitely been getting shorter over the last couple of years, and actors aren't embarrassed to show a little ankle on the red carpet.

In most cases, the pant legs are just slightly shorter, barely brushing the shoe tops and showing off their socks with every movement, like Yoochun at the SBS Drama Awards.

Then there are actors like Kang Ha Neul, who decided to forego the socks altogether for the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards a couple of weeks ago.

Short pants are one thing, but let's hope that Jung Il Woo's white socks/tuxedo move doesnt catch fire... 

4. Pretty in pink

Moving over to the women's side of things, last year's flood of white gowns officially transitioned over into pastel pink for the Baeksang Arts Awards as pale pink dress after pale pink dress graced the red carpet.

The color ranged across a variety of gown styles, from Honey Lee's modern dress with sharp, clean lines

to Kim Sa Rang's more glittery, ornate gown.

One of my personal favorites was Seolhyun's simple, lovely lace dress.

5. "Formal " doesn't mean "floor length"

Hemlines are getting shorter on dresses just like they are on pants. While teen actresses often wear mid-length dresses to match their age (see Kim Sae Ron or Kim Yoo Jung), lately we're seeing shorter lengths on adult actresses as well. Instead of going with floor-length gowns every time, many fashion-forward women are opting for mid-length dresses that are still classy and occasion-appropriate. 

At the 51st Baeksang Awards, Shin Min Ah accepted her style award with a calf-length dress. Some netizens weren't thrilled with the overall look, but she gets points for trying something other than a form-fitting pink gown. This choice also shows off her fabulous shoe choice.

Kim Seul Gi has tried a variety of shorter styles, but this flirty choice for the APAN Star Awards was one of her best. 

Han Ye Seul also rocked the mid-length style at the SBS Drama Awards with a look that was gorgeous from head to toe, though I'm not sure how she walked anywhere in those heels....

6. Sheer overlays

One thing you'll notice on the Korean red carpet as opposed to Hollywood is that there aren't as many deeply plunging necklines, and it's not uncommon for dresses to have an extra layer of sheer fabric or lace creating just a little bit of extra coverage.

Baek Jin Hee's choice for the MBC Drama Awards is an interesting example, where a simple, white overlay creates a different neckline for the dress. 

Sometimes the overlay allows for extra embroidery or beading, like this gown worn by Han Chae Ah.

And still other times, the sheer fabric is a bit more daring, covering extra cutouts throughout the dress, like Yoo In Young's Baeksang look.

7. Sleek ponytails

But how are the women styling themselves to match these fashion trends? Gone are the fancy updos of yesteryear. Instead, many women showed up on the recent Baeksang Awards red carpet with their hair flowing freely or pulled back into a straight, sleek ponytail.

Shim Eung Kyung's simple ponytail perfectly matched her choice to wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress.

14-year-old actress Kim Sae Ron is so young, but she always impresses on the red carpet with her fashionable, yet age-appropriate attire. You'll notice that in addition to rocking the straight ponytail, she has also incorporated trends 5 and 6 into her look. 

And, of course, a trend list wouldn't be complete without Park Shin Hye, whose ponytail just adds to her flawless look for the event.

Have you noticed any other recent red carpet trends? Which ones do you love? Which ones do you wish would disappear? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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