Lead actress Zheng Shuang of the popular campus romance Love 'til the End of Summer is particularly notable for all the amazing leading men who have starred with her in romantic dramas. Among them, there is one whom she loved in real life, another is a charismatic K-drama star, and also another who is so popular that his fans might never allow him to marry!

1. Zhang Han (aka Hans Zhang) - He and Zheng Shaung rose to fame in Let's Watch the Meteor Shower (2009) and its sequel Let's Watch the Meteor Shower Again (2010). The dramas are considered the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers, with Zhang Han playing the leader of H4 (similar to Lee Min Ho being the F4 leader) and Zheng Shaung playing the girl who tames him. The couple dated in real life but have unfortunately broken up.

2. Harwick Lau - The Chinese-Canadian actor who is based in Hong Kong starred with Zheng Shuang in Chronicle of Life (2016) and The Cage of Love (2015). Zheng Shuang plays Emperor Kangxi's true love in Chronicle of Life, and her character is the birth mother of 8th Prince, who is featured in Scarlet Heart. In real life, Harwick is married to actress Yang Mi, star of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

3. Jing Boran - The handsome singer and actor starred with Zheng Shuang in time-travel romance Love Through a Millennium (2015), based on K-drama Queen In Hyun's ManIn the drama, Jing Boran crosses 2,000 years from ancient China and meets a modern-day actress played by Zheng Shuang.

4. Lee Jong Suk - The popular Korean actor from Pinocchio stars with Zheng Shuang in Jade Lover, a period romance set in the 1930's when two young heirs competed in business and fell in love. The Chinese-Korean joint production was filmed in early 2016 and is slated to be released in 2017.

5. Yang Yang - He is of the fastest rising stars in China and also Zheng Shuang's dashing leading man in Love O2O

With over 30 million Weibo followers, he is so popular that 5,000 fans attended his 25th birthday party in 2016, which was live-streamed to millions more fans online. He is one of those charismatic idols whose fans will probably be upset if he ever marries.


Love O2O - 微微一笑很倾城

Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

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6. Luo Jin - After announcing his real-life romance with The Princess Weiyoung co-star Tiffany Tang, all eyes are on this handsome leading man to see his choice in a new drama. So it's really intriguing that he will next star with Zheng Shuang for the first time in the modern romance My Story for You

7. Chen Xue Dong (aka Cheney Chen) - the hot leading man is currently starring with Zheng Shuang in Love 'til the End of Summer

He is apparently novelist-turned-filmmaker Guo Jingming's favorite actor as well, as he was chosen to star in Guo's hit movies Tiny Times and its three sequels.

In the campus romance drama, he and Zheng Shuang met in high school and began their relationship for the next ten years. They initially kept their feelings hidden from each other as both were young and reserved. Will first love survive the real world after school? Will the fleeting years change or further deepen their love for each other?


Love 'til the End of Summer - 夏至未至

Starring Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen

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BONUS: Many fans are coming down with a strong case of Second Male Lead Syndrome for the lovable Bai Jing Ting, the young actor who plays Lu Zhi Ang in Love 'til the End of Summer.

Which one of these handsome leading men is your favorite for Zheng Shuang?

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