Watching a K-drama is always fun— whether you're alone or with someone else. But sometimes working through a dramatic plot point can make you feel insane if you don't have anyone to hash it out with. Like when Choi Kang Ju doesn't realize Na Doo Rim has been switched out for Jang Yi Kyung on Bride of the Century— how does he not realize!? Yi Kyung is so boring! And mean! Or why it is Lee Gun just can't tell Kim Mi Young how he feels in Fated to Love You, even though he loves her and it's obvious he loves her and she loves him and they could be so happy and have a family if they'd just TALK about it know how it goes. When the stress of keeping all my K-drama thoughts inside got to be too much, I knew I had to be proactive, so I started recruiting. 

While getting someone started on a K-drama can sometimes be a hard sell, it only took one showing of Pasta to get my friend Becca hooked — and it was all thanks to a few simple steps, casually implemented ahead of time. We've put those steps together in this video, and we hope it helps you grow your circle of K-drama addicted friends. These are also easy ideas for a K-drama themed party for people who already love dramas and people who've never even heard of them. A warning: it's best not to tell them in advance that their future K-drama obsession will take over every waking moment. They'll thank you later.

Have you gotten your friends addicted to K-dramas? What methods did you use?

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