This photo of a store notice at a 7-Eleven in Tokyo, Japan has gone viral on Twitter. It shows a CCTV captured image of a cat burglar along with a special request of store patrons for help. In this case, the burglar was literally a cat, and the store's plea is hilarious.

Apparently, the offending cat has been sneaking into the store to steal cat food. His crime was captured on CCTV. The 7-Eleven store posted a notice with the photo that says:

Please help us by not feeding the cat.

He will enter the store to steal cat food.

We have notified Mr. Cat to forbid him from entry.

However, Mr. Cat has not agreed.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

The Twitter post became popular immediately. Many netizens offered hilarious comments:

"Forgive him."

"Capture him and give him the punishment of petting."

"It's a crime to be so cute!"

Perhaps the best and funniest advice was this:

"Pay that cat a daily wage of 4 cans of cat food to keep him as a store mascot."

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Most of the netizens also commented on the 7-Eleven store manager's sense of humor in referring to the cat thief with the polite salutation of "Mr. Cat."