Not everything can be fully taught in the classroom. That’s why Eggbun Education has put together a list of 7 Korean slang words.You’re not sure how to use them? Don’t worry about it. We’ve also prepared example sentences to help you figure it out. Let’s check them out below!

 If you missed Part 1 containing the first 3 words, go HERE

1. 잠수 타다 (jamsu tada) : to go off the grid, to go ghost

잠수 타다 literally means ‘to submerge’ like a submarine cutting contact to become invisible. It refers to the behavior not to contact people and let anyone know where he/she is.
ex) 최근에 민수 본 적 있어? Have you seen Minsu lately?
아니, 걔 잠수 탔어. No, he went ghost on me.

2. 허당 (heodang) : sloppy and clumsy person

허당 indicates people who are inexpertly clumsy. However, this phrase doesn’t refer to people who just often make mistakes. Rather, it is used to describe people who look smart and perfect but are actually sloppy.
ex) 내 친구는 똑똑해 보이는데 허당이야. My friend looks smart but he/she is actually clumsy.

3. 멘붕 (menboong) : mental breakdown

멘탈 + 붕괴
멘붕 is comprised of 멘탈 (mental) with 붕괴 (collapse). This phrase literally means that the mental status is collapsed and on the fritz. It is usually used when something shocking or bad happened, you get so confused and don’t know what to do.
ex) 폰을 잃어버렸어. 멘붕이야.
I’ve lost my cellphone. My mental status is on the fritz.

4. 착한 OO (chakan) : something good/cheap/reasonable

Originally, 착하다 (good) is used to describe someone’s personality. Recently, this word has been used to indicate something good, cheap and reasonable which make you satisfied.
ex) 착한 가격 : cheap, reasonable price
착한 얼굴 : nice-looking face

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