After Lee Jong Suk’s episode for 7 First Kisses concluded, no teaser was shown, breaking tradition with the previous episodes where a preview of the next story was given. Many viewers had anticipated to see a snippet of Lee Minho, but everyone was left wondering, “Where is he?” In lieu of a formal episode eight, Lotte Duty Free has instead uploaded seven endings, with six in particular answering the question: Does Min Soo Jin get to kiss Lee Joon Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, 2PM’s Ok TaecYeon, EXO’s Kai, or Lee Jong Suk? Let’s find out!

After the store employee’s encounter with Lee Jong Suk, Choi Ji Woo returned to give Min a dilemma: “Choose one celebrity that you like and I’ll send you back to the last moment you were with him. . .back to the moment when you were about to kiss.” And that is exactly what Lotte Duty Free does by taking us to those six moments.

In order, here are the seven endings with English subtitles via Lotte Duty Free’s YouTube channel.

Episode 1 Ending - Choi Ji Woo

Episode 2 Ending - Lee Joon Ki

Episode 3 Ending - Park Hae Jin

Episode 4 Ending - Ji Chang Wook

Episode 5 Ending - Kai

Episode 6 Ending - TaecYeon

Episode 7 Ending - Lee Jong Suk

At this rate, will she get a kiss at all? We'll find out next week!


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