The talented actor Chris Wang, star of Love Family and Love Me or Leave Me, recently made a trip out to New York City as a special guest at the DramaFever Awards. We were very impressed with how charming and nice Chris was when we sat down with him to find out some of his secrets!

1. Just like his characters in dramas, Chris Wang can be a hopeless romantic in real life. When asked, Chris said, "Am I like that in real life? I was like that once. Very crazy. Now I've calmed down more. Work is my priority now."

2. Chris Wang doesn't live a crazy celebrity lifestyle. He says, "My manager and stylist say I'm like a farmer. I like to get up early and go to bed early."

3. When it comes to food, his weakness is actually bread. He says, "My fans know that I like chocolate, but actually my favorite is bread." Now we know what gifts to send him!

4. He has been both an actor in dramas and a singer, but his favorite thing he's ever done was being a travel show host. He says, "My favorite? I think it's still hosting. But acting is great too." He isn't going to host any shows coming up, but he wants to host more travel shows.

5. Traveling is still not easy for him even though he traveled a lot as the host of a travel show. He says, "I have a difficult time adjusting to time difference when I travel. It's probably because I follow a normal routine. I'm still jet-lagged. (It was the third day since he arrived in New York.) People imagine that because I'm a travel show host I must be good at adjusting to time difference, but actually I'm not."

6. His biggest challenge in his career has been singing. He says, "Singing is not something I've always done. Last year was the first time I released a mini album. But I'm still learning. I'm less confident of singing. I would like to keep singing. I hope I can act, host, and sing in turns. Not doing the same thing continuously. I would feel tired of it."

7. His new drama Love Family is something everyone will love to watch. He says, "This drama starts from romantic love and then touches upon many aspects of family and friendship. It's a drama that's suitable for the whole family to watch. My character is the general manager of a big corporation. He's a hopeless romantic. There's a girl who has been on his mind since childhood. In order to find this girl, he gave up his position to become a janitor at a family run inn. It's the story of how they meet. And there are a lot of funny moments. I think it is very funny because he keeps running into obstacles. I think those obstacles are very relatable to people's lives. So I think you can watch it with ease, but you can also find some answers for yourself after watching it."

Chris Wang truly is as nice and handsome as he is talented, and we can't wait to see more of him. Make sure to check out his new drama Love Family right here on DramaFever!