Go Kyung Pyo, who played an amazing second lead in Jealousy Incarnate, is back with his own lead! If you want to call yourself a Go Kyung Pyo fan, check out these seven fun facts about the Strongest Deliveryman actor!

1. Go Kyung Pyo is happy like Frozen’s Olaf

Ryu Joon Yul called Go Kyung Pyo Olaf in Youth Over Flowers! Do you think they look alike?

2. Go Kyung Pyo almost joined the army before getting a breakthrough role

Go was an unknown YG trainee for two years. When a movie he was supposed to film got canceled, he decided to enlist. Before actually joining the army, Go passed the audition for Jungle Fish 2.

3. Go Kyung Pyo always wears a yellow ribbon

It seems that the Answer Me 1988 actor has never forgotten about the sinking of ferry Sewol.

4. Go Kyung Pyo is one of the most promising actors in the industry

“His energy is amazing even when he tries to hide it,”Signal’s Kim Hye Soo said.

Actor Choi Min Sik, with whom Go starred In The Admiral, also complimented his acting, saying, “I still can’t forget his teary face.”

5. In fact, he was so talented that the Potato Star 2013QR3 director gave him a love call

After watching Go in Scary Story 2, director Kim Byung Wook met with Go to offer a role in the sitcom.

6. Go Kyung Pyo watched an episode of Jealousy Incarnate with fans

Go wanted to thank the fans in his own way, so he watched the second to last episode of Jealousy Incarnate with 100 fans at a K-wave studio in Apgujeong on Nov. 9, 2016. At this fan event, Go answered the fans’ questions and welcomed Park Bo Gum’s surprise visit.

7. Go Kyung Pyo’s favorite filming buddy is Park Bo Gum

Go and Park have starred together in The Admiral, Tomorrow's Cantabile, Answer Me 1988, and Youth Over Flowers.


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