It's a great test of a handsome actor's talents to portray someone who is attractive and charming but also dangerous and even lethal. These handsome guys have definitely succeeded in reminding us that villains don't carry a sign that says "I'm a bad guy," and they may actually look like sweet eye candies that are poisonous inside and out. 

1. Sung JoonHyde, Jekyll, and I

It took a while before the big revelation in Hyde, Jekyll and I that Sung Joon has an evil plot against Hyun Bin, but there's no denying that he is very handsome and charming. 

2. Shin Sung RokMy Love From Another Star and The King's Face

Shin Sung Rok was truly lovable in Trot Lovers, which gives an even sharper and more memorable contrast to his portrayal of a ruthless serial killer in both modern and historical settings.

3. Jung Gyu WoonBirth of a Beauty

Jung Gyu Woon is so tall and handsome that, from certain angles, he reminded me of Lee Min Ho. He played the greedy scheming husband who was willing to do anything — I mean anything — to get what he wanted.

4. Yoo Seung HoI Miss You

Who can forget the lethal yet pitiful Harry? Audience members applauded Yoo Seung Ho's talents in playing the ruthless killer, and they also can't wait for him to play a hero or good guy next now that he has completed his military service.

5. Yeon Woo JinArang and the Magistrate

Yeon Woo Jin played the handsome killer in beautiful Joseon attire. You can see him soon as a romantic lead in the upcoming series Divorce Lawyer in Love.

6. Park Hae JinDoctor Stranger

For most of the show, the audience wasn't quite sure of Park Hae Jin's allegiance or motives. His character wasn't as evil like the others on this list, but he was scheming and calculating. Park also succeeded in evoking sympathy from the audience when it was revealed why he put on a masquerade. So it was great that he redeemed himself by the end of the show. (Can you tell I'm a fan of his?)

7. Ji Jin HeeBlood

Here's another doctor who is evil and is played by the incomparable Ji Jin Hee, who rose to fame with the classic Jewel in the Palace. In the suspenseful romance drama Blood, as soon as Ji Jin Hee enters on screen, he carries with him that certain flair, a magnetic primal charm that would hypnotize just about anyone despite the dangers. No wonder Ahn Jae Hyun could smell his lethal force practically from a mile away.

Watch Ji Jin Hee in the latest episode of Blood:

These handsome villains succeeded in making us hate them but also love them for their acting prowess. Many of them are also great at playing the good guys. I hope to continue to see them in both types of roles.

I compiled this list from the dramas that I've watched. Do you agree with the list? Did I miss anyone?

~ NancyZdramaland

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