Hyun Bin fans were anxiously awaiting the premiere of his new Korean drama Hyde, Jekyll, and I last week. If those fans were hoping to recapture some of the magic they loved in his previous drama Secret Garden, they weren't disappointed! In fact, although the two plots are quite different, anyone watching closely could spot several connections between the two shows (not including, of course, Hyun Bin's magnificent dimples). Did you catch all of these similarities?

1. The one-of-a-kind outfits:

2. The high-flying and fearless female lead:

3. Poor, poor Hyun Bin's terrible luck with elevators:

4. A chaebol with no real concept of "personal space":

*For the record, this is a similarity that I, for one, could do without. How about you stop grabbing women you don't know?

5. Complete and utter denial:

6. Chanting (unsuccessfully) to clear the mind:

7. Finally, the K-drama classic, AMNESIA:

Did you spot any other similarities? It's like a little scavenger hunt! Tell us in the comments, and if you haven't seen Hyde, Jekyll, and I yet, you can check out the premiere below: