One of the reasons l like Korean historical dramas is that I enjoy seeing the various traditional Korean clothing. When you watch historical Kdramas, you may even think that you want to try them on. As you know, Korean people don’t wear their traditional costumes except on special days, such as Korean holidays, weddings or a senior’s birthday. They're also too expensive to wear as everyday dresses, so watching Kdramas and seeing the clothing on dolls is a good way to appreciate beautiful traditional clothes. These dolls are called Yeun Ji (a traditional Korean wedding where you wear rouge on the cheeks and the forehead) series. The dresses are made of genuine Hanbok textile, and there are miniature accessories for each doll to express the beauty of Korean traditional clothes. Let's take a look at the beautiful clothing from 7 historical Kdramas.

1. Hwang Jin Yi

Ha Ji won stared in this award-winning drama about the legendary poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng from the Joseon Era, and the four men who love her but can't have her. When I watched this drama, I fell in love with gisaeng costumes. They're colorful and have a different design from other Hanboks.

2. Jewel in the palace

Lee Young Ae starred in the first successful historical feminist drama, retelling Jang Geum's rice-to-riches story during the Chosun Dynasty 500 years ago. Jewel is the real story of Jang Geum, a young girl who is the first woman to become the King's supreme royal physician in a male-dominated society. This drama introduced many different women’s jobs and costumes in the palace.

3. Dong Yi

Han Hyo Joo stared in Dong Yi as Sook Bin. This drama is a historical epic tale of a young commoner who rises to become the king's concubine and bear him the heir to the throne. Naturally kind and gentle, she gains a position as a maid at the palace, where she quickly wins favor, particularly from the queen. In a tale of courtly and motherly love, she strives to raise her son well so he may become someone worthy of the throne.

4. Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

Kim Tae Hee played Lady Jang Hui Bin, or Jang Ok Jung, one of the most celebrated royal concubines of the Joseon Dynasty. Lady Jang establishes herself as a coveted fashion designer who quickly finds herself sought after by not only the fashionable noblewomen. This drama is based on a period when noble women had the fanciest clothes of the Joseon Dynasty. There were actually women who died because of the weight of head accessories!

5. Jumong

Han Hye Jin acted as So Seo No, who is the wife of King Dongmyeong(Jumong) and remembered as a key figure in the founding of both Goguryeo and Baekje. She was the mother of Biryu and the first King of Baekje, Onjo.

6. Damo

Damo is a powerful and moving drama about one woman's quest to attain both honor and love. Ha Ji Won took a role as Chae Ok, a servant of commander Yoon and policewoman (Damo). Chae Ok is torn between her duty to the law and her attraction to a rebel leader, Jang Sung Baek, and the love of two very different men, Yoon. Ha Ji Won is always beautiful in whatever she wears in Kdramas because of her acting skills.

7. Goong

Yoon Eun Hye acted as Shin Chae Kyung, an average girl who suddenly becomes engaged to the country's Crown Prince, Lee Shin. This drama is not a historical drama, but it’s based on an imaginary world where modern-day Korea is run by a constitutional monarchy. This traditional wedding dress for royal ladies is called 'Green Wonsam'.

In comparison to 2010-2012, in 2013, there haven't been many popular historical Kdramas for fans who look forward to watching romantic historical dramas. The trend of producing historical stories will come back soon, but it’s hard to wait. I know I am too old to play with dolls, but it would be funny to create new stories with these Korean dolls in the meantime!