I recently read that the average South Korean drinks 11.2 shots of liquor each week. My first thought on reading this statistic? I’ve got some catching up to do! And I came up with some good ways to do it. So go get your bottle of soju, your favorite show, and a friend (you can’t pour your own drinks in this game!), and get ready to have a little fun with your K-drama addiction.

1. The "Physical Signs of Love" drinking game

This game is for those of us who like to pay attention to subtle, and not so subtle, clues that our leads might be falling in love. 

Do a shot of soju every time someone gets a piggy back ride, someone gets a back hug, someone gets a wrist grab, someone gets a kiss, someone almost gets a kiss, or someone feels their heart and wonders, omo, why is it beating so fast?

Rooftop Prince

2. The "Dangers of Living in a K-drama" drinking game

This game is for those of us who are acutely aware of all the sinister danger that lurks in a K-drama.

From the safety of your living room, drink every time someone gets amnesia, nearly gets hit by a car, someone really gets hit by a car (if this causes amnesia, double shot!), someone gets splashed with a huge puddle of water, someone gets an organ transplant, or someone nearly dies.

Mary Stayed Out All Night

3. The "Say What you Mean" drinking game

Instead of suffering through the frustration of wanting to throttle everyone for not just saying how they feel already and saving us 10 more episodes of pain, drink it out instead. Drink every time someone could say something to resolve EVERYTHING, but instead silently glowers and is misunderstood, someone lies to someone else in a misguided attempt to help them, or someone lies to someone else in an overt attempt to not help them

Warning: even though there are only three rules, this game will get you really, really drunk, because K-dramas.

My Love from Another Star

Can Rain and Krystal overcome a tragic past to find new love? Find out in My Lovable Girl

4. The Second Male Lead Game

For those of us who are tortured by the fact that the one we are rooting for is destined to not get the girl, here is a game to ease the pain.

Drink every time the second male lead does something way nicer for the heroine than the main lead, the second male lead looks at the heroine with total adoration while she is not looking, you second guess who the heroine is going to end up with because your heart is foolish and you will never learn, or you want to throttle the heroine for not choosing the guy who actually treats her well.

You're Beautiful

5. The "Parents are Evil" drinking game

Every time the evil parent, step-parent, or sibling does something, well, evil, drink. Plotting evil deeds counts too. 

Boys over Flowers

6. The “Is it Hot in Here?” drinking game

This one mixes some of my favorite pastimes, drinking and attractive men. Drink every time there is an unnecessary shower scene, you rewind to rewatch said shower scene, there is an unnecessary dressing scene that shows abs, there is an unnecessary skin scene of any kind, or the actor makes your heart skip a beat just by looking so damn good, fully clothed or not. 

Warning: Do not play this game with anything starring So Ji Sub. There is not enough soju in the world. You will end up like this:

I Hear Your Voice

7. The "Seven Degrees of Lee Min Ho" drinking game

A variation of the old Kevin Bacon standard, this is for the pros when you want to go out on the town with your friends and still talk K-dramas.

Drink every time you can take an actor, actress, director, or writer, and link them back to Lee Min Ho within seven steps.

Personal Taste

So there are a few I'll be playing. What drinking game would you suggest to add a little flavor to your binge-watching night?

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