We know that collaborations between K-pop artists get K-pop fans really excited. The number of K-pop sub-units is increasing and the idea that members can work only with other members in their group has disappeared. Collaborations between label mates Hyun Seung from Beast and Hyun Ah from 4 Minutes in Trouble Maker and Key from SHINee and Woo Hyun from Infinite in the sub-unit Toheart created amazing synergy effects. But what other collaborations do you want to see? Here are 7 dream K-pop sub-units that fans are just dying to see happen.

A Korean TV show, The Show, which aired on the 18th of March, introduced 7 sub-units that made fans’ hearts flutter only thinking about them. The theme of the show was, "How would it be if these units were formed?" They chose the 7 best Idol Units in accordance with their charm, popular appeal and chemistry.

No.7- Sung Jae from BTOB & N from VIXX named Doppelganger

Fandom Index ★★ Popular Appeal ★★★ Chemistry ★★★

No.7 is made of Sung Jae and N. They resemble each other like doppelgangers. It seems that 99% of their DNA matches like twin brothers. It's good for girls to see these handsome guys together on a stage. The pleasure doubles.

No.6- Yo Seob from BEAST & Jin Young from B1A4 named Ant-Lion

Fandom Index ★★★★ Popular Appeal ★★★ Chemistry ★★

Yo Seob and Jin Young, who know how to control girls' hearts, ranked 6th. They are like James Bond who has a mission to make their fans their girlfriends. There have many skills. Shooting love beams and heart marks into the air at quitting time is a basic skill. They leave their photos in their fans' phones themselves. Girls who make eye contact with Yo Seob and Jin Young will fall to this Ant-Lion unit.

No.5- Song Eun Yi & Min Hyuk from CNBLUE named Poisonous Love

Fandom Index ★ Popular Appeal ★★★★ Chemistry ★★★★★

A Korean gag woman and singer, Song Eu Yi has shown her love towards Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE. She has authenticated herself as a big fan of Min Hyuk's by courting Min Hyuk in various programs. The 18 year age gap between the two people and the 1ft height difference might be overcome by her hot love. Love is important, however, this unit has to distinguish between love and work.

No.4- Tae Min from SHINee & Kai from EXO named Soul Mate

Fandom Index ★★★★★ Popular Appeal ★★ Chemistry ★★★★

This sub-unit formed by SM Entertainment Doppelgangers ranked 4th. If they really existed, they would make girls' eyes happier than ever. They resemble each other like N and Sung Jae, but these two idols are so close to each other in real life that they are like soul mates. The old adage "birds of a feather flock together" is true in this case. Tae Min and Kai are tall, handsome and good at dancing.

No.3- G-Dragon from BigBang & Zico from Block B named Ssang G or Ssang Z (Double G or Z)

Fandom Index ★★★★ Popular Appeal ★★★★ Chemistry ★★★★

Many korean fans have known about this imaginary unit. The fans already made songs mixing GD's rap and ZICO's rap in the past. The amount of money that they are earning from their song is amazing. There are outstanding rappers and also talented music producers in K-pop, so people are looking forward to listening to the songs made by them.

No.2- T.O.P. from BigBang & Hyun Ah from 4 Minutes named Rated X

Fandom Index ★★★ Popular Appeal ★★★★★ Chemistry ★★★★★

Everybody knows that T.O.P. from BigBang is sexy. It seems that he is filled with the sexy pheromone that attracts women. Hyun Ah has been famous for her sexiness since her debut. After she was active with Hyun Seung from Beast for Trouble Maker, she became the sexiest singer among K-pop girls. If we can put these two sexy bombs together, there will be a huge explosion of adult fans.

No.1- Tae Yeon from Girl’s Generation & CL from 2NE1 named Era Of Peace

Fandom Index ★★★★★ Popular Appeal ★★★★★ Chemistry ★★★★★

In March 2014, there was the biggest war in K-pop between SM's daughters, Girl's Generation, and YG's heroines, 2NE1. To finish the war, we want two singers from the groups to meet and sing a song together. Tae Yeon, who has a pretty face and a crazy singing ability, and CL, who has a unique fashion sense and her amazing rapping skills would create a great synergy. There is no doubt that this unit would be the best duet to captivate the whole world.