Instagram is a lovely place where fans all over the world can see cute selcas and funny videos of our favorite K-Pop idols. Here are some of the most adorable and interesting people you should be following!

1. G-Dragon

Arguably the the king of the K-Pop idols on Instagram, G-Dragon posts cute selcas as well as his awesome fashion. He's so cool, you will wish you had been following him forever. (IG name: @xxxibgdrgn) Also, his Big Bang bandmates are definitely worth following as well! [Taeyang: @youngbeezzy & Seungri: @seungriseyo]

2. CL

She's probably the queen of the K-Pop idols on Instagram as well. On her account, you will see everything from lovely fashion shots to cute group photos with her band mates and friends! (IG name: @chaelin_cl) Also follow her fellow 2NE1 member Dara! [IG name: @daraxxi]

3. Kim Heechul

Heechul's Instagram is so random sometimes. You never know what you're going to get! From his fanboying over K-Dramas to lip-syncing songs, Heechul does it all. And yes, he is wearing a shirt with himself on it. (IG name: @kimheenim) Also follow his SuJu friend, Lee Donghae, as well as his other band mates on there! [Lee Donghae: @leedonghae]

4. Amber

Amber's so cool and funny, and you can see her personality shine on her account! You will see everything from her random dance moves to her funny pictures of/with friends. Follow her for her awesome randomness! (IG name: @ajol_llama)

5. Jia

Follow her if you need any fashion inspiration or just to see her fabulous selcas! (IG name: mjbaby0203) Also follow her fellow Miss A members too! [Suzy: @missa_suzy, Min: @therealminnn, & Fei: @ff0427]

6. Kim Jaejoong

Probably the weirdest person to follow on Instagram, but he's definitely my personal favorite. He's so random and pretty, that you won't even know how to react. (IG name: bornfreeonekiss2)

7. Key

He's the only member of SHINee who has an Instagram account, and he's super adorable on there. He posts the cutest pictures of himself and he always shows off his cool new phone cases! (IG name: bumkeyk)

And finally...don't forget @DramaFeverNews! We'll keep you up to date on all your favorite K-stars and dramas!

There are plenty of other K-Pop idols on Instagram, but these are some of the most interesting ones! If you think I missed some cool ones, put them in the comments below!